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    Abandonment is the act of abandoning something or someone.   Positive: Dreaming of abandonment could represent that it is time to leave behind the fear of loss as a result of(...) - Read More

    Abduction is the act of seizing and taking away a person by force.   Positive:  In a dream, being abducted could represent that God is taking you out of a situation that is harmful, even(...) - Read More

    An abortion is a termination of pregnancy resulting in the death of the baby.   Positive: Dreaming of an abortion could represent a divine cancellation of the enemy’s(...) - Read More

      Absorbing is to take in something in a natural or gradual way.   Positive: In a dream, absorbing can represent adaption, getting along with strangers, or absorbing the Word of(...) - Read More

      Abuse is the physical maltreatment of someone or something.   Positive:  Dreaming of abuse could represent God as our defender.   Negative: In a dream, abuse could represent(...) - Read More

      Accelerating is to move faster or to gain speed.   Positive: Dreaming of accelerating could represent gaining momentum in personal life, promotion, empowerment, or divine(...) - Read More

    Accusing is to charge without cause or offense. In the Bible, the devil is often referred to as the “accuser of the brethren.”   Positive: Accusing in a dream could represent Jesus Christ(...) - Read More

    Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than that person’s partner.   Positive: Dreaming of adultery could be God showing you your weaknesses to(...) - Read More

    Agreeing is when two parties come into harmony or accordance in opinion or feeling. Positive: Dreaming of agreeing could represent the power of the prayer of agreement as mentioned in the(...) - Read More

    Amazement is the feeling of being in awe of something or someone. In a dream, it could represent being filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Positive: In a dream, being amazed could(...) - Read More

    Anger is a negative emotion felt by humans and celestial beings, including God. It can be godly or ungodly depending on its motives/intentions.   Positive: In a dream, anger could(...) - Read More

    Being annoyed could mean that you are feeling angry or irritated by nagging problems in life. Being annoyed in a dream could mirror the annoyances you feel in your waking life that you need to(...) - Read More

    Anointing is to smear or rub with oil often as a religious ritual. Positive: Dreaming of anointing could represent being set apart, a divine appointment in service, prayer for the sick, or(...) - Read More

    Arrogance is the state of having an exaggerated perception of a person’s own abilities or importance.   Positive:  In a dream, one’s past arrogance can symbolize their former state of mind(...) - Read More

    Also Going Up. Ascending means to move up or rise spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically.   Positive: Dreaming that you are ascending may represent God elevating you in the(...) - Read More

    Attacking means to come against something or someone in a forceful way whether it is physically or verbally. There can also be spiritual attacks. Positive: Dreaming of an attack could(...) - Read More

    Awakening is to cease from sleeping and to wake up. Positive: Dreaming of awakening could be symbolic of discernment, being attentive to the wiles of the devil, watchman, sober, or being(...) - Read More

  • b

    Babysitting is to care for children usually during a short absence of the parents.   Positive:  Dreaming that you are babysitting could indicate God has called you to mentor, watch(...) - Read More

    Baking is to cook by dry heat, especially in an oven.   Positive: Dreaming of baking cold represent hospitality, God’s provision, or worship.   Negative: To see a dream of burnt(...) - Read More

    A baptism is a Christian act by which one is purified and sanctified in water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   Positive: In a dream, baptism could symbolize the(...) - Read More

    Bathing is a washing or soaking of all or part of the body in order to cleanse oneself.   Positive: Dreaming of bathing could represent cleansing, repentance, totally clean,(...) - Read More

    Begging for alms is to ask for as a charity.   Positive: In a dream, begging for alms could represent asking God for His provision, becoming broken before the Lord, needs being met by(...) - Read More

    Bleeding occurs when the body is wounded or cut and blood flows out of the body.   Positive: Bleeding in a dream could represent sacrifice. Blood could also symbolize a covenant,(...) - Read More

    Blooming means to blossom or flourish and come into the full maturity of a thing.   Positive: When dreaming of something blooming, it could represent something that is maturing or(...) - Read More

    Boiling is when water reaches a temperature where it begins to change to a vapor. In a dream, boiling usually represents negative emotions such as anger. It could also represent people being(...) - Read More

    Booing is the act of audibly disapproving of something.   Positive:  Dreaming of others booing you while you are doing God’s Will could represent the persecution you will face to work(...) - Read More

    Boredom is the state of being weary and restless due to a lack of interest. Boredom can cause you to become slothful and lazy   Positive: Dreaming of being bored could represent having(...) - Read More

    Bowing is to bend one’s head and/or knees in submission as an act of honor or reverence. Bowing is described in the Bible several times and is also used in times of worship to God. Getting(...) - Read More

    Boxing is the art of attack and defense with the fists practiced as a sport.   Positive: In a dream, boxing could represent striving, preaching, deliverance, or the power of(...) - Read More

    Broadcasting is to send out or transmit by using a radio, television, or streaming over the internet.   Positive: Operating a broadcast could mean that you have a desire to get the Word(...) - Read More

    Having a broken spirit could mean that a person is feeling sad or down. The Bible talks about having a broken spirit and contrite heart which can represent true repentance.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    Building is to create different structures or items by hand. It is usually a strenuous activity and is referenced biblically literally and through parables. Dreaming that you are building could(...) - Read More

    Bursting is to break open usually from impact or pressure within. It could also be figurative, as in “my heart is bursting with joy.”   Positive: To dream of something bursting could(...) - Read More

    Buying means to exchange money for a good or service. Buying is a biblical concept and according to the Bible, we are able to buy things physically and spiritually.   Positive:(...) - Read More

  • c

    Dream symbol of the Day:   Chasing is to pursue something earnestly. Chasing dreams often reveal that your enemies are working to come against your life and purpose.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    Chewing is to crush, grind, or gnaw with teeth.   Positive: In a dream, if you are chewing it could represent meditating or receiving wisdom and understanding.   Negative:(...) - Read More

    Choking is to produce the feeling of strangulation.   Positive: In a dream, choking could be God showing you that you need to stop doing something before it has a negative effect on(...) - Read More

    Cooking is the action of preparing food for consumption. Preparing food is mentioned several times throughout the Bible.   Positive: Dreaming of cooking could represent nourishment or(...) - Read More

    Crawling is to move on one’s hands and knees.   Positive: If you are crawling in a dream, it could represent God giving you humility.   Negative: Crawling on the ground in a(...) - Read More

    Crying is to shed tears often noisily. It is important to note the dreamer’s feelings while crying.   Positive: If you are crying in a dream it could symbolize repentance, prayer,(...) - Read More

  • d

    Dancing is the act of moving one’s body rhythmically to music.   Positive: In a dream, dancing could represent worship, spiritual sacrifice, joy, rejoicing, return of a son, or(...) - Read More

    Digestion is a function of the body that helps rid toxins and waste products. It also is the process of breaking down food and nutrients that are needed and absorbed by the(...) - Read More

    Digging is the process where a tool or one’s hands are used to loosen dirt so that a hole is made for planting or building.   Positive: Digging could symbolize plowing for a great(...) - Read More

    Discipline is control that is gained by enforcing obedience or order.   Positive: In a dream, discipline could represent correction, pruning, Sonship, or righteousness. Dreaming of(...) - Read More

  • Dreaming of Someone Staring at You
    Staring is continuously looking upon something or someone for a longer than normal period of time. Usually when you are being stared at, an awkward and uncomfortable feeling occurs. Unless, of(...) - Read More

    Dressing is the act of putting clothes on one’s body.   Positive: Dreaming of getting dressed can represent preparation or being clothed in righteousness. Getting dressed in someone(...) - Read More

    Drinking is to consume a liquid through one’s mouth. Drinking can also refer to drinking alcohol.   Positive: Dreaming of drinking could represent fellowship as in wine and communion,(...) - Read More

  • Driving
    Driving is the action of operating the controls, direction, and speed of a variety of vehicles, including: cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, etc. in a dream driving can represent God(...) - Read More

    Drowning is to suffocate as a result of being submerged under water.   Positive: Dreaming of drowning could represent overcoming or being overtaken by the Holy(...) - Read More

    Dying is the end of life. The dreamer should watch to see if there is resurrection on the other side of the death.   Positive: Dreaming of dying may represent dying to self, bad traits(...) - Read More

  • e

    Eating is the act of consuming food. In the Bible, eating is referred to naturally and spiritually as in consuming the Word of God or Jesus as the bread of life.   Positive: Eating may(...) - Read More

    Effort is a determined attempt at exerting mental or physical energy in order to complete a task or a goal.   Positive: Dreaming of putting in effort to something exemplifies one who(...) - Read More

    Embarrassment is when someone is in a state of self-conscious distress usually after experiencing a socially unacceptable or laughable event witnessed by others.   Positive: Feeling(...) - Read More

    Being engaged is the marriage proposal of a man to a woman with intent to wed. Usually, the an offers the woman a ring as a token of his commitment.   Positive: Dreaming of being(...) - Read More

    Entering means to go into something or somewhere and having access to something. To enter could also mean to be involved with something. Note where the person is entering.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    Exercising is the act of practicing something in order to develop or improve a capability or skill, often in regards to physical fitness.   Positive: Dreaming of exercise could(...) - Read More

  • f

    Also Losing. To fail means to not meet the goal that was set in place. It means that you haven’t achieved the reward that was intended to be gained.   Positive: Failing in a dream(...) - Read More

    Dream symbol of the Day:   Falling is to descend freely by gravity and can represent a natural or spiritual fall. It can represent stumbling in the spirit or being(...) - Read More

  • FEAR
    Fear is a hostile emotion caused by the expectation of a threat or danger. There can also be a godly, reverential fear and it is important to know which one you are experiencing in a(...) - Read More

    Dreaming of fighting usually represents spiritual warfare or an upcoming attack. It could also mean the dreamer’s faith is at war.   Positive: To dream of seeing someone fight could(...) - Read More

    Flirting is to behabe amorously without serious intent or to show superficial or casual interest or liking.   Positive:  In a dream, flirting could indicate friendliness or a desire for an(...) - Read More

  • g

    Gardening is to do work in a garden such as cultivating, planting, weeding, reaping, etc.   Positive: Dreaming of gardening could symbolize an increase, work, ministry, church, pleasant,(...) - Read More

    Going through a door means to walk through a door as a way to get through to a room or the outdoors. Pay attention to what is on the other side of the door.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

  • h

    To haggle is to dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.   Positive: Dreaming of haggling could represent God giving you favor to gain something He wants(...) - Read More

    Hearing is the reception of sound in one’s ears. Hearing is also spiritual, meaning one can hear within their spirit but not necessarily with the physical ears and vice(...) - Read More

    Hiding is the act of seeking protection or remaining out of sight.   Positive: Dreaming of hiding could represent being under God’s divine protection from evil intentions or being under(...) - Read More

    Hijacking is the unlawful act of an individual forcefully taking over a plane, ship, or vehicle. Hijacking could also be interpreted metaphorically as stealing something like an(...) - Read More

    Also Embracing. Hugging or embracing is the act of holding another person in your arms either affectionately and passionately or as a greeting or indication of friendship.   Positive:(...) - Read More

  • i

    Injecting is the process of inserting a substance into something else via a syringe. It most commonly refers to medication being injected into a person.   Positive: Dreaming of an(...) - Read More

    Intimidating is the act of making one timid or fearful. It could also mean to compel someone to do something through threats.   Positive: Dreaming of not being intimidated by an enemy(...) - Read More

    Ironing is the process of pressing a fabric with a hot device to remove the wrinkles. Dreaming of ironing could represent God trying to remove one’s flaws.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

    Itching is the act of having an itch and scratching it or having a desire and fulfilling it. The word itching could symbolize judgment or fulfilling the cravings o the(...) - Read More

  • j

    Jealousy is the feeling of hostility toward a rival or one who has an advantage. Jealousy can represent spiritual immaturity and offense. It is a sign of being unthankful.   Positive:(...) - Read More

    See Running. Jogging is an action that is between a walk and a run. It is a slow run and in a dream could represent being lukewarm or half-hearted.   Positive: Suddenly jogging in a(...) - Read More

    Joking is something said or done to provoke laughter or jesting. It could also be known as something to not be taken seriously. Biblically, joking or jesting can represent something obscene,(...) - Read More

    Jumping could also be referred to as leaping which is often mentioned in the Bible and is symbolic of joy, faith, victory, and overcoming.   Positive: Dreaming of jumping could(...) - Read More

  • k

    Kicking is the act of striking out with the leg and foot.   Positive: Dreaming of kicking something could represent refuting the attack of the enemy.   Negative: To see yourself(...) - Read More

    Kissing is to touch lips with another person and is often a gesture of intimacy or friendship. Kissing is a common greeting in some countries. Biblically, a kiss could also represent(...) - Read More

    Kneeling is the act of getting down on one’s knees. Kneeling is often seen as an act of submission.   Positive: Dreaming of kneeling could represent submission, worship, prayer, or(...) - Read More

  • l

    Laughing is the act of showing emotion with a chuckle or loud sound. Laughing usually accompanies joy or something funny.   Positive: Laughing in a dream could represent rejoicing, the(...) - Read More

    Laundry is described as someone’s personal clothes that are either clean or need to be washed.   Positive: To dream of laundry may symbolize cleansing or washing that God wants to do(...) - Read More

    Laying down is to lie flat on something usually to rest.   Positive: Dreaming of laying down could represent a season of rest, peace, safety, reassurance in the Lord, or laying down(...) - Read More

    Leading is the act of being a leader. It is described as a desired virtue and requires traits like courage and determination. God is always looking to bless leaders and their(...) - Read More

    Leaning means to deviate from a position, placement, view, or opinion. Leaning could have a negative or positive connotation.   Positive: Dreaming of a person or an object leaning(...) - Read More

    Leaving means to exit, go away from, or depart from somewhere. It could also mean to leave something somewhere.   Positive: To dream of leaving somewhere or someone could represent(...) - Read More

    See Lifting Hands. Lifting something is to pick it up with your arms and hold it or carry it to another location.   Positive: Dreaming of lifting or being lifted could represent the(...) - Read More

    Lifting hands is the act of raising one’s arms up above their head. It is usually an act of worship or surrender.   Positive: Dreaming of lifting your hands could represent worship and(...) - Read More

    Listening means to pay attention to sound or hearing something with thoughtful attention. In a dream, listening could represent hearing the Word of God.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

    Lowering hands is the act of bringing one’s arms down to their sides.   Positive: Dreaming of lowering hands could represent humbling and confessing yourself to the Lord or performing(...) - Read More

  • m

    Masturbation is the erotic stimulation of one’s own genitalia for sexual pleasure.   Positive: Dreaming of masturbating could represent one’s sexual desires.   Negative:(...) - Read More

    Moving is to change locations whether it is with your job, your school, or your home.   Positive: Dreaming of moving could represent a change in ministry or in the natural, moving onto(...) - Read More

  • o

    Obedience is the act of submitting to the command or will of a governing figure in a position of authority.   Positive: Dreaming that you are being obedient could represent that God is(...) - Read More

    Oversleeping is when you sleep longer than intended or longer than you are supposed to. Oversleeping also leads to being late or missing something important.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

  • p

    Also Drawing. Painting is an art technique that applies color usually to a canvas or for redecorating homes.   Positive: Dreaming of painting could represent a protective covering,(...) - Read More

    Parachuting is to safely descend from a high place by means of parachute, often from an airplane.   Positive: In a dream, parachuting could represent leaving your comfort zone, time to(...) - Read More

    Playing is to participate in a game or recreational activity either alone or with others.   Positive: Playing could represent worship, true worship, spiritual warfare, striving, being(...) - Read More

    Playing an instrument is the act of producing sound from a device used to make music, for example a piano, guitar, harp, etc.   Positive: Dreaming of playing an instrument could(...) - Read More

    Poking is to stir or urge by prodding or jabbing. Note what or who is being poked in the dream.   Positive: Poking in a dream could symbolize the resolution to a problem or a direction(...) - Read More

    Punching is the act of striking with a forward thrust especially of the fist.   Positive: In a dream, punching could represent overcoming a devil, hindrance, or obstacle, freedom,(...) - Read More

    Purging means to make free of something undesirable. It often deals with cleansing of sin, but could also indicate an eating disorder.   Positive: Dreaming of purging could represent(...) - Read More

    Pushing is to press against with force in order to drive or impel. It could be positive if someone is pushing you toward godly goals or negative if you are being pushed toward(...) - Read More

  • r

    Racing is to go, move, or function at a top speed or out of control, often in a competitive way.   Positive: Racing in a dream could symbolize encouragement, motivation to obtain the(...) - Read More

    Raining is the act of water falling from the atmosphere in drops of condensed vapor.   Positive: In a dream, raining could symbolize God’s blessings, God’s work and Spirit being poured(...) - Read More

  • RAPE
    Rape is unlawful sexual activity carried out forcibly or under threat against a person’s will. It represents something violating and someone misusing power.   Negative: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

    Reading can be symbolic of a person who is looking for more knowledge. It could symbolize receiving knowledge needed to make a decision.   Positive: To dream of reading the Bible is(...) - Read More

    Reaping is to obtain a crop for harvest. Spiritually, this could represent reaping a harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God or reaping spiritual fruits.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

    Rehearsing is the act of practicing something for perfection or mastery.   Positive: In a dream, rehearsing could represent a person who is striving to perfect or master a skill or(...) - Read More

    Rending is to rip or tear something into pieces with force. In the Bible, rending of garments was an act done in mourning before a funeral to show grief.   Positive: Dreaming of rending(...) - Read More

    Revenge is the action of putting harm on an individual for a wrong suffered at their hands.   Positive: Dreaming of revenge could represent God showing you that He will take vengeance on(...) - Read More

    Roaring is a full, deep, prolonged cried usually uttered by a lion or other large animal. It could represent a warning before destruction or a release of victory.   Positive: To hear(...) - Read More

    Rocking is to move back and forth often in a chair, in a cradle, or on one’s feet.   Positive: Dreaming of rocking could represent something old, past memories, meditation, rest,(...) - Read More

    Rowing is to propel a boat using oars.   Positive: Rowing a boat in a dream could represent work, working out life’s problems, earnest prayer, or spiritual labor.   Negative: If(...) - Read More

    RUDENESS: Being rude is to be ill-mannered or unpleasant. What is considered rude can vary throughout different cultures.     Positive: In a dream, if someone is being rude it could(...) - Read More

    Running is to go steadily by springing steps so that both feet leave the ground for an instant in each step. Pay attention to whether you are running toward or away from something in the(...) - Read More

  • s

    A screech is a loud cry, typically released when a person is scared or experiencing pain.   Positive:  Dreaming of a person screech with excitement could represent joy in one’s(...) - Read More

    Seduction is the act of tempting one to typically be led astray to engaging in sexual behavior. Seduction is often a trait of a Jezebel spirit and a form of manipulation for one to get what(...) - Read More

    Selling is to give up property or services to another person in exchange for money.   Positive: Selling something in a dream could represent God granting a blessing over one’s life,(...) - Read More

    Sewing clothes is the action of fastening by stitches with either a needle and thread or a sewing machine.   Positive: Sewing clothes could represent diligence and obedience of a good(...) - Read More

  • Sex/Sexual Dream Meaning
    Sexual intercourse is the penetration of the vagina by the penis.   Positive: Dreaming of having sex could represent an agreement, covenant, love, unity, or fruitfulness and(...) - Read More

    Shaking is to move something or someone irregularly to and fro. Pay attention to what is being shaken in the ream.   Positive: Dreaming of shaking could represent overcoming fears that(...) - Read More

    Sharing means to partake of something with another person or people. It could represent experiencing something or having something in common with someone else. Sharing could also mean(...) - Read More

    Shaving is the act of removing a thin layer of something or to cut one’s hair close to the skin.   Positive: In a dream, shaving could symbolize purifying, cleansing, cleaning, or(...) - Read More

    Shopping is to examine different goods or services with the intent to buy. Shopping could represent your consideration of ideas or choices. It could also represent searching for(...) - Read More

    Shouting is to make a loud sound out of one’s mouth. Biblically, it could represent a sign of triumph and victory. It could also represent praise or an expression of joy or(...) - Read More

    Showering is to bathe in a shower where the water sprays in a fine stream or drops. Showering in a dream can reveal things that are in the process of being cleansed and flushed out of your(...) - Read More

    Singing is to deliver song and produce musical tones with the voice.   Positive: In a dream, singing could symbolize rejoicing, prayer, thanksgiving, jubilee, praise, and(...) - Read More

    Sitting is to rest on the buttocks, usually on a chair or couch.   Positive: Sitting could represent power, throne of authority, rule, rest, position, concentration, receiving, inner(...) - Read More

    Skiing is to glide on skis in travel or for sport. There are different types of skiing including cross country and downhill snow skiing and waterskiing.   Positive: Dreaming of skiing(...) - Read More

    Skydiving is the sport of jumping from an airplane and freefalling before deploying a parachute.   Positive: Skydiving could represent things falling into place spiritually or(...) - Read More

    Slapping is to strike sharply with an open hand.   Positive: Being slapped in a dream could be a wake-up call or God trying to get your attention.   Negative: Dreaming of being(...) - Read More

    Sleeping is the natural periodic suspension of consciousness when the body’s powers are restored.   Positive: Sleeping in a dream could symbolize refreshment, spiritual stupor, rest,(...) - Read More

    Slipping is to move with a smooth sliding motion or to slide out of place.   Positive: Slipping in a dream could indicate the power of God saving you or  being humbled by(...) - Read More

    Smiling is when a person exhibits a facial expression in which their eyes brighten and corners of their mouth curve upward. Note who is smiling in the dream, their relationship to the(...) - Read More

    Smoking is the emittance of smoke or visible vapor. It could also refer to the act of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco or drugs.     Positive: Dreaming of worshiping in a(...) - Read More

    Sowing is to plant seed for growth especially by scattering it.   Positive: Sowing in a dream could represent dispersing righteous seeds in order to produce fruit, blessing coming(...) - Read More

    Speaking is to utter words or articulate sounds with the ordinary voice.   Positive: Dreaming of speaking could represent the compelling words of Christ, thunder, indication to the(...) - Read More

    Sprinkling is to scatter something in drops or particles.   Positive: Dreaming of sprinkling something could represent washing, cleansing, or consecration.   Negative: Sprinkling(...) - Read More

    Stammering is to make involuntary stops and repetitions in one’s speech, also known as stuttering.   Positive: In a dream, stammering could represent God preventing you from saying(...) - Read More

    Standing is to support oneself self on the feet standing in an erect position.   Positive: Standing could represent being committed to a point of view or belief, loyalty, honor,(...) - Read More

    Stumbling is to make an error or to fall into sin.   Positive: In a dream, stumbling could represent the Lord causing you to humble yourself.   Negative: Stumbling in a dream(...) - Read More

    Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.   Positive: Suicide could represent dying to self or giving up one’s own life to follow(...) - Read More

    Survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically despite an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.   Positive: Dreaming of surviving an attack or disaster(...) - Read More

    Sweating is to excrete moisture in visible quantities through the sweat glands as a natural bodily response to heat or the exertion of energy.   Positive: Dreaming of sweating could(...) - Read More

    Sweeping is to remove something from a surface with a broom or a brush or to remove something with one swift swiping action.   Positive: Sweeping in a dream could symbolize cleaning(...) - Read More

    Swimming is to propel oneself in water by natural means.   Positive: Dreaming of swimming could symbolize conducting spiritual activity, worship, gifts of the Spirit being applied,(...) - Read More

    Swinging is causing something to move vigorously through a wide arc or circle.   Positive: Swinging could symbolize peace, rest, quietness, romance, or fellowship.   Negative:(...) - Read More

  • t

    Tasting is sampling a selection of food or drinks to compare qualities.   Positive: In a dream, tasting could represent an experience, discernment, or testing spirits.   Negative:(...) - Read More

    Training is to teach a person or animal an ability that they first did not have. Training them will make them learn and understand how to do the task on their own.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

    Treatment is the manner in which someone behaves toward someone or something.   Positive: In a dream, being treated well or treating someone else well could indicate one’s love walk(...) - Read More

    Trusting is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. Dreaming of trust could show where your heart is.   Positive: Dreaming of trust(...) - Read More

  • u

    Upgrading is to raise or improve the grade or quality of something.   Positive: Dreaming of upgrading something could represent moving to another spiritual level, passing through death, a(...) - Read More

    Urinating is to discharge or expel urine from the body. Dreaming of urinating could represent a pressure to conform to something or do something.   Positive: Dreaming of urinating could(...) - Read More

  • w

    Walking is to move along on foot or to advance by steps. Note the conduct of the dreamer and their lifestyle and actions.   Positive: Walking could represent progress, living in the(...) - Read More

    Wind blowing is when the wind moves with speed or force.   Positive: The wind blowing in a dream could symbolize the powers of God, breath of life, spirit, Holy Spirit, or God’s(...) - Read More

    Wondering is the act of feeling curiosity or doubt. It also represents being in a state of wonder or a cause of astonishment or admiration. A wonder can be a marvel or a(...) - Read More

    Wrestling is a sport or contest in which two individuals struggle hand to hand attempting to subdue the other.   Positive: Dreaming of wrestling could represent striving, deliverance,(...) - Read More

    Writing is the action of composing or putting together words. It could represent the heart and what flows from it.   Positive: Dreaming of writing could represent establishing,(...) - Read More

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