“And the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt… with an outstretched arm….” – Deuteronomy 26:8

The hand of the Lord is moving mightily in all of the Earth to bring deliverance to His people! Whenever the Lord comes down on the Earth to work with David E. Taylor, it is always to set His people free and redeem them! As He told His people Israel, “I will redeem you with a stretched out arm…”(Exodus 6:6). The Lord’s hand is being outstretched over the cities and nations all over the world to bring great deliverance, as prophesied by David E. Taylor!

Tipton, Georgia – The hand of the Lord appears in the sky, as prophesied by David E. Taylor!

Arkansas – God is rending the heavens and coming down on Earth!

Portugal – The outstretched hand of God appears! Captured and shown nationally on the news!


National News Shows The “Outstretched Hand” of God! in Portugal!

Portugal 2017


Tipton, Georgia 2018


Alabama 2014








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