Since 2008, David E. Taylor has been bringing the Kingdom of God and move of Face to Face to the state of Michigan. The Lord, working with him, has been making notable appearances and bringing regional deliverance in Detroit and throughout the whole state!

On the night of February 10, 2010, at the Miracles in America Crusade in Detroit, David E. Taylor released a prophetic word, saying “I see drug influence being broken. I see drug peddling being broken. I prophesy to you, Detroit, that some of the major drug lords in the next three months in this region are about to come down.

You will see it on the news! When you see that you will know that the Father is here and even outside of this room He is setting order and this city shall be called a city of light where the world will come and be delivered saith the Lord of Hosts!”

That very night, just a few hours later, one of the major drug operations in Detroit was busted! It was reported on the news the next morning! Detroit police seized over 4 million dollars in drugs within a two-hour blitz! The Lord Appears Over the JMMI Northeastern Headquarters in Taylor, MI The Lord is continually making notable appearances over David E. Taylor’s Northeastern headquarters in Taylor, Michigan!

In October, 2010, the Lord appeared in the cloud right above the facility! People were getting out of their car at the Wendy’s drive-through line and taking pictures! Multiple drug busts continued to occur within the region, including what the DEA called the “largest heroin bust in Michigan history!” This bust took place in August 2011 where they found over 150 million dollars worth of heroin and cocaine!

Teperance, Michigan 2017

Taylor Michigan 2010 and 2018

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