“The Day Of His Notable Appearances”
Visable and Notable Appearances

The Notable Day Of The Lord – “Before that great and notable day of the Lord come” (Acts 2:20)

We have to understand that we are living in the notable day of the Lord which the bible speaks of in (Acts 2:20).

The word notable comes from the Greek words, “epiphanes” and “epiphanio” which means, “The memorable, known and visible appearance.”  Did you hear that!  We are living in the day of the appearance of the Lord.  This explains why the Lord is appearing to multiple of thousands of people on the Earth visibly face to face in dreams, visions and in open broad daylight.  The word notable describes something that is visibly seen to the naked eye.  This explains also why the appearances of the Lord are happening in our generation so much where many people are having visitations from the face of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Can A Nation Be Born Again At Once In One Day”

There are two major and awesome testimonies of this happening in our time and generation just a couple years ago.  This story made national news in this all Muslim country.  One night a man went to sleep and the Lord Jesus appeared to him and told him who He was saying, “I am Jesus Christ and I died for your sins.”  Jesus went on to tell him some other things leading him to salvation.  When this man awoke out of the dream he knew he had seen the real risen Lord and that Allah was not the true and living God.  You must also understand that in all Muslim countries some of these precious people can be killed for professing Jesus Christ.  So after he awoke they reported that he went to a place to eat and started telling people about how he saw this man named Jesus in a dream the night before in his sleep. 

“Whole Muslim Country Saved Through Jesus Appearance”

“Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things?

  Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once?”  (Is 66:8)

“Jesus Appears To Everyone By Night In The Whole Country”

[view:slideshow_inpage_test3=block]    As he told others in that Muslim country, everyone he spoke to had seen Jesus the same night in a dream.  Come to find out on the international news, everyone in this whole Muslim nation was visited at the same night by Jesus in one day (Is 66:7-9)!  The whole nation was converted over to Christianity in one night by the appearance of the Lord!  Wow, now that’s power!  Like the scriptures declares, “Can a nation be born (born again) in one day?  The answer is yes it can.  Jesus is appearing to whole Muslim nations now where the gospel is not accepted.  He’s evangelizing Himself!  We serve an awesome Lord.
Isn’t this beautiful!  Another incident happened in this order at an all Muslim third world nation that was just as tremendous.  This is a true story and it also made international news and headlines.  There was this young woman that got killed in a tragic accident, leaving behind two beautiful and precious children.  They were young and still under the age of 12.  Her brother, which was their uncle, had to take them and attend to them after his sister died.  He started getting impatient with the children as time went by and he didn’t handle them properly.  So he being upset, took them to a cemetery and buried them alive in two separate tombs.  For two weeks or more, these children remained inside this place when someone heard them or somehow discovered them in a walk in tomb.  When the news media heard of this they were all over this and found out what happened.  They asked these two children how did you survive this long without food or water.  You know little children can’t go that long without eating.  The amazing thing is both of them answered the same way and they were not even buried together in the same tomb for two weeks!  Now you also got to understand that these children were raised Muslim and had never heard of Jesus!

Jesus Appears In This 21st Century And Literally Feeds A Little Boy And Girl

“They saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread.”
“Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine.”
“Jesus then cometh, and taketh bread, and giveth them, and fish likewise.”
“This is now the third time that Jesus shewed himself to his disciples, after that he was risen from the dead.”
(John 21:9,12,13,14)

Jesus Still Feeds People Today After His Resurrection

They replied to the media saying, “This man in a white robe, He said His name was Jesus from Nazareth, He came and feed us everyday!”  Wow! Amazing!  I wept when I first heard this.  How awesome.  What love and compassion.  They and their country will never forget about this experience that changed a whole country.  Jesus still talks and tells people the hometown He grew up in!  This is what America needs.  This is what the world needs.  And this is what our generation needs!  The Lord then began to tell me that He’s going to visit and appear to America this way.  These are the types of things that the Lord is allowing to happen in the “notable” day of the Lord leading up to His grand appearance in front of the whole world at the day of His appearing at the catching away of the Church which many refer to as the Rapture!  The bible says in a certain context that every eye shall see Him and the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together (Is. 40:5)!  When he comes on the clouds every eye shall see Him (Rev 1:7 / 1 John 3:2-3 / Matt 24:30)

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