Entering means to go into something or somewhere and having access to something. To enter could also mean to be involved with something. Note where the person is entering.


Positive: Dreaming of wind or breath entering someone could represent that they are being filled with the Spirit. If you are entering into the sanctuary of God, it could mean that He is giving you understanding about your destiny. If God shows you entering the Promised Land it could represent that He is giving you rest.


Negative: If you ream that you are being barred from entering a storehouse could represent having no access to supplies in the spiritual realm.  If you are put in a waiting area before entering God’s sanctuary He may be showing you that you are not fully prepared or the timing isn’t right for something in your life. Entering a place of wickedness such as a bar or a club could represent temptation or lust in your life.


(Revelation 21:27; Revelation 11:11; Psalm 73:17; Psalm 95:11; Job 38:22; Revelation 15:8).


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