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    Amber is a color averaging a dark orange yellow. The Bible may describe the color amber as being fire, representing God’s glory or a visitation from the Lord.   Positive: Dreaming of(...) - Read More

  • b

      Black is the achromatic color of the least lightness often having a negative or dark connotation, the Bible describes darkness as being the presence and secret place of the(...) - Read More

  • BLUE
      Blue is an intermediate color between green and violet on the color wheel. Blue is described in the Bible as a royal or heavenly color and is referred to as God’s Spirit or(...) - Read More

    Brown is any of the colors between red and yellow with moderate to low saturation. The Bible usually describes brown as being dead or without spirit.   Positive: Dreaming of the color(...) - Read More

  • c

    Clear or transparent means that an object is colorless and allows the ability to see through it. A clear or transparent object allows all light to pass through it. Examples include glass, air,(...) - Read More

    The color coral is a bright reddish ovary or a deep pink color that is a mixture between pink and white. Job 28:18 says, “No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price of(...) - Read More

    Crimson is any of the deep, purplish red colors. The Bible usually describes this as being Christ’s blood that was shed for the remission of sins.   Positive: Seeing the color crimson(...) - Read More

  • CYAN
    Cyan is the color halfway between blue and green on the color wheel. It is associated with water like the sea and can symbolize peace.   Positive: Dreaming of the color cyan being worn(...) - Read More

  • f

    Fuchsia is a very bright and vibrant purple color, which falls in between the bright pink and purple color scales. It is an alluring, feminine and attention-grabbing color very similar to(...) - Read More

  • g

  • GRAY
    Gray is a series of neutral colors ranging between black and white. The Bible describes gray as dignity and honor.   Positive:  If you see gray hair in a dream, it could represent(...) - Read More

    Green is a color between blue and yellow on the color wheel. The Bible typically describes it as growth and maturity as well as vegetation for man and beast.   Positive: Seeing green(...) - Read More

  • i

    Iridescent colors are a multitude of soft, light, and gleaming colors of the rainbow that appear to mix and gradually change color as light waves combine. The different colors are visible(...) - Read More

  • l

    Lavender is a popular color that is a light tone of violet. The name of this color comes from the flower of the lavender plant.   Positive: Biblically, purple is a royal color.(...) - Read More

    Lime green is a shade of green that is lighter than usual. The Bible describes green as being the color of vegetation or the Earth, so lime green could represent the beginning stages of(...) - Read More

  • m

    Maroon is a dark, reddish purple or dark brownish color. This color is characteristic of force, strength, heroism, bravery, and courage.   Positive: Dreaming of the color maroon could(...) - Read More

    Metallic colors are deeply rich, bright, sharp, and glossy or metal-like versions of standard colors. They are often associated with the metal titanium, as it can be anodized to create(...) - Read More

  • n

  • NAVY
    Navy blue is a dark shade of blue which is a color in between green and violet on the color wheel. Blue is described biblically as a royal or heavenly color and referred to as God’s Spirit(...) - Read More

  • o

    Orange is a color that is reddish yellow. The Bible often describes this color as fire.   Positive: Dreaming of the color orange could mean that the dreamer is being purified or(...) - Read More

      Orchid is a bright, rich purple color that is a representation of the color of the flower of some members of the plant family orchidaceae.   Positive: If you see yourself wearing(...) - Read More

  • p

    The color pearl is considered to be symbolic of purity, fertility, innocence, cleanliness, and faith. Dreaming of a pearlescent color can represent royalty and something of great value. It(...) - Read More

  • PINK
    Pink is a mix of the colors red and white. In a dream, the color could represent blending of two colors such as white (purity) and red (blood of Jesus.) Seeing the color pink in a dream(...) - Read More

    Purple is a secondary color that is a result of blending red and blue. The Bible describes purple as a color of royalty and kingship. The Bible also illustrates purple as the color of royal(...) - Read More

  • r

  • RED
    Red is a primary color next to orange and opposite of violet. The Bible describes red as natural objects such as Jacob’s stew and Judah’s eyes. It also refers to red as blood which(...) - Read More

    Rose gold is a blend of gold, copper, and silver. The color of rose gold looks like gold with a pink hue.   Positive: Dreaming of rose gold could represent financial success. It could(...) - Read More

  • s

    Scarlet is a variation of the color red. It is a brilliant and bright color with a slight tinge of orange. The color scarlet is associated with the Cardinal bird and the scarlet rose.(...) - Read More

  • t

  • TAN
    Tan is a color that is a pale tone of brown or a green tone of orange. The name comes from tannum (oak bark) used in the tanning of leather. This color evokes warmth and(...) - Read More

    Translucent objects contain no color and allow only some light to pass through. Translucent is not fully clear or transparent. Some examples of translucent materials are objects like frosted(...) - Read More

  • v

      Vermilion is a color that is a mix of red, orange, and violet.   Positive: Seeing vermilion in a dream may represent a good change of mind or position.   Negative: Dreaming(...) - Read More

     Violet is a shade of purple which is known to be a royal color in the Bible.   Positive: Dreaming of wearing violet colored clothing could represent that you are bold and walking in your(...) - Read More

  • w

    White is the lightest color which reflects almost all energy in the visible spectrum. The Bible describes white as being refined, righteous, and heavenly. White also refers to the Lord’s(...) - Read More

  • y

    Yellow is a color between green and orange. The Bible describes yellow as having a spirit of wisdom and the glory of God.   Positive: Dreaming of the color yellow could represent a(...) - Read More

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