The Two Incredible Events Prophesied by David E. Taylor of the Lord’s Notable Face-to-Face Appearance and Presence

“…they have heard that thou LORD art among this people, that thou LORD art seen face to face, and that thy cloud standeth over them, and that thou goest before them, by day time in a pillar of a cloud…” (Numbers 14:14)

Major Drug Bust Prophesied and Fulfilled

On February 9th, 2010 during a night service in Detroit, Michigan,  David E. Taylor prophesied to the people that God the Father had come down in their city and that God was going to give them a sign that this is true. He began to share with the people of Detroit all of the good things that the Lord shared with him in which He was about to do in that city. He told them about the very high crime and murder rate and that it was going to drastically drop and go to record lows and also, how America’s “poorest city” would soon become not just prosperous but the most wealthiest city on the face of the Earth!

David E. Taylor Prophesied a Major Drug Bust Would Take Place Days Before it Happened!

With the Lord knowing that the citizens of Detroit had been through such economic hardships and poverty, violence plaguing the city and many promises from men concerning the turnaround of Detroit “falling through the cracks” in recent years, God promised to deliver His people! The Lord told him to tell the people that as a sign for everything that has been mentioned was true, He said, “Detroit was about to experience a major drug bust and that it would be all over the news channels and newspapers.” At approximately 9:30pm that evening this prophetic word was released to His people.

The very next morning on the 6am news in Detroit they showed a “Breaking News” segment and the topic was a major drug bust in Detroit! This was not just an ordinary bust but one of the largest in the history of the city taking millions of dollars worth of marijuana, meth, cocaine, illegal guns and other contraband off the streets! It was reported on several stations that the drug bust happened between ten and eleven o’clock the night before, which puts this within just minutes after the Lord said that it would happen!

The second sign that David E. Taylor prophesied in that service was that God the Father had given was the Lord saying, “I will come down face to face before thousands in Taylor, Michigan”. About 8 months had went by after this prophecy and in October of 2010 the Lord openly appears over the region of Taylor, Michigan before thousands of people! There was a young lady by the name of Kathleen Klein who was in the service when God said he would come down, she is one of thousands who is an eye witness of this Glorious Appearance of the Father in Taylor. The Lord has promised to be a God to our generation and you can read her testimony below and see the photos she captured with her cell phone!

Woman Who Captured Picture of The LORD’s Face-to-Face Appearance Before Thousands in Taylor, MI

Kathleen Klein

I had been sitting under the teachings of Apostle Taylor for nearly two full years, and learning that a “Face to Face” relationship with Jesus was possible, not only as a one-time appearance, but as an ongoing relationship!! I was intrigued that Jesus would want to have this type of relationship with me, based on my “religious” training, that instructed me that I would see Jesus, face to face, when I went to Heaven! I just thought this was possible for people that He had a “special assignment” for, or that He found to be worthy of that type of closeness with Him. I quickly learned that was not the case, because, to my WONDERFUL Surprise, Jesus appeared to me in a dream! He was so Glorious and FULL of LOVE!! He accepted me, right where I was!! And let me tell you, I was in a mess!!!

My life had been turned upside down and inside out!! But HE came anyway!! This was so amazing to me. The best part was, he came again, and again, and again!!!! He LOVED me and His Love has changed me and continues to change me daily. It makes me so much more aware of HIM and how my desire is to please Him! So, actually, this RELATIONSHIP of LOVE, has taught me so much about me, and has caused me to change, even when I didn’t realize I was changing!! Other people around me started to notice changes, and were they ever HAPPY!! The best part was, when I could see the changes, and started noticing how my reactions to things were not what they used to be. I was learning to be “softer”, because my heart was softening because of the abundant Love I was receiving from JESUS!! But I had to get rid of the thought that I was not “good enough” for Him to come!! Because HE had made me “good enough” over 2,000 years ago, and HE has made you “good enough” too!!!

So, you can imagine after having had these visitations from Jesus, when Apostle Taylor started teaching that not only did Jesus want to come to us, but that the Father was getting ready to make Himself visible in the earth, I was very excited, and began looking for HIM every day!!! Seriously!! I would be driving my car, watching for Him to appear at any moment!! Walking out my house, looking for Him to be there!! Every time I went outside, I was looking for and anticipating His visible presence!! I was filled with expectation!! Within a few short days of Apostle telling us that the Father was about to notably appear over our region, I could feel a difference in the atmosphere. Literally, there was a different feeling, just walking out of my house, no matter what time of the day, I felt something, SOMEONE, getting ready to manifest!!! AND BAM!!! There HE WAS!!! I was AMAZED!! I was like… OH MY GOSH!! THERE HE IS!!

I was driving in my car, by myself, picking dinner up for my children. I was actually in the drive-thru line at Wendy’s! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I got out of my car and was taking pictures on my cell phone. I had to wait for my food, so they were asking me to pull off to a parking space on the side. When I could finally get back into the car to do that, I was back out of the car taking more pictures!! The other customers in the drive-thru line were beginning to notice the Glorious sight that I was seeing! We were all in a state of wonder and surprise!! It seemed like many of them were capturing the same thing on their phones as well!!

When the lady brought my food out, I was just staring up at HIS face! I think she thought I might have been a little “messed” up, but then she looked up to see where I was looking, and she said, “Oh! I see that!” I could hardly get myself back in the car to drive the food home. I was so excited. I didn’t want Him to go away! The feelings I received seeing Him were feelings of POWER!!! LOVE!!!! And TRUTH!!! When I got home, the children and my Mom were amazed!! We all just kept looking at the pictures and saying!! THE FATHER HAS COME TO EARTH!!! Apostle told us HE was coming!!!

Once I could figure out how to upload pictures from my cell phone, I put them on Facebook, and to my surprise, a friend of mine on the other side of town had captured the same picture and had uploaded hers to Facebook too!!! It was truly Fabulous!!! Life Changing to say the least!! I’m so very Happy to have been able to see the manifestation of the Father looking down on us in the Detroit area!! I know that this was just the beginning of what and how He will keep appearing!! Your region is Next!!!! Be expectant!!


The Original Cell Phone Photos


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