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    Dreaming of an airplane could represent traveling in one’s personal life or a traveling ministry. Consider the positioning and size of the aircraft.   Positive: Dreaming that an(...) - Read More

    Also Car, Truck, etc. Dreaming of an automobile could represent one’s life or ministry. Consider the condition of the car, the type of car, and the color.   Positive: If the car is(...) - Read More

  • b

    Dreaming of a bicycle could represent a message from either God or Satan.   Positive: In a dream, a bicycle could symbolize a family or another person being added to one’s life or(...) - Read More

    A blimp could represent being controlled or puffed up by the trickery and craftiness of men.   Positive: A blimp could represent God elevating you in the Spirit.   Negative:(...) - Read More

  • BOAT
      Boat Also Ship. A boat is a vehicle used to travel on water for transporting people or goods. It can also be used for recreation.   Positive: Dreaming of a boat or a ship could(...) - Read More

    A bulldozer is a tractor-driven machine with a blade for moving dirt and debris. Dreaming of a bulldozer could represent brute force or the power of God that is able to knock down barriers(...) - Read More

  • BUS
    When dreaming of a bus it could represent a church or teaching ministry.   Positive: Dreaming of a bus may represent unity in a group or one’s ministry. It could represent learning(...) - Read More

  • c

    A canoe is a small boat usually controlled by one person who rows the boat with oars to propel and steer it. In a dream, a canoe could represent one who is trying to control their own(...) - Read More

    A caravan is a group traveling together. It can be people, cars, animals, or a mobile home. Caravans are also temporary home like an RV.   Positive: Dreaming of a caravan could(...) - Read More

    A carriage is something that carries something or someone on wheels. A carriage is often attached to either animals or a motor vehicle that pulls it. A carriage could also represent a(...) - Read More

    A cruise ship is a large ship that transports passengers traveling for pleasure. People travel on these hotel-like ships which stop at different port cities for leisure and(...) - Read More

  • d

    A dump buggy is like a motorized wheelbarrow. It is used to move materials or goods with accuracy from location to location.   Positive: Dreaming of a dump buggy could represent that(...) - Read More

    A dump truck is a large truck used to transport, dump, or haul materials. Dump trucks are often found at construction sites. A dump truck could represent a deliverance(...) - Read More

  • f

    A firetruck is a vehicle used by fire departments sent for emergency assistance, usually to put out fires. In a dream, firetrucks could represent a ministry that is meant to save(...) - Read More

    A forklift is a trailer that has to fork-like steel prongs in the front used to lift and transport heavy items. Dreaming of a forklift could represent God’s divine power to change any(...) - Read More

      A four-wheeler is a small motor vehicle designed for use on different types of terrain. They are mostly used for entertainment.   Positive: To dream of driving a four-wheeler by(...) - Read More

  • g

    A garbage truck is a large truck that is used to dispose trash, usually taking it to a landfill. In many places, garbage trucks drive to people’s homes weekly to collect(...) - Read More

    A go-kart is a small race car with a skeleton body. Go-karts are commonly used for entertainment and racing. Vehicles usually represent one’s personal life or ministry, so be mindful of who(...) - Read More

    A grader is a heavy machine used for cutting and to level the Earth. It is a high-powered vehicle with a blade on the front and back commonly used on farms and plantations.   Positive:(...) - Read More

  • h

    A hearse is a vehicle for conveying the dead to the grave.   Positive: Dreaming of a hearse could represent that you are burying something negative in your life. It could represent(...) - Read More

    A helicopter is an aircraft whose lift comes from aerodynamic forces. Helicopters are known for their loud rotors that spin on top of the aircraft,   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

  • j

  • JEEP
    A jeep is a general–purpose vehicle that originated as an army vehicle. A jeep could represent spiritual warfare or growth and advancement.   Positive: Dreaming of a jeep could(...) - Read More

    A jet ski is a small personal boat used to travel on water mainly for recreation. Dreaming of riding a jet ski could represent fun or excitement.   Positive: Dreaming of having a good(...) - Read More

  • l

    A lawnmower is a machine used for cutting grass. It is used to maintain lawns and creates a good image and presentation of one’s yard. Lawnmowers cut down what is out of(...) - Read More

    Dreaming of a limousine could represent being important in one’s ministry or personal life.   Positive: Dreaming of a limo could signify the importance of one’s works in ministry or(...) - Read More

  • m

    A mail truck is a large vehicle that is used to transport letters, packages, and other parcels. In a dream, a mail truck could represent a gift or ministry that is delivered to you by the(...) - Read More

    A moped is a small, motorized bike that can sometimes be pedaled. It is a smaller version of a motorcycle. In a dream, motorcycles and other vehicles usually represent a ministry, so a(...) - Read More

    Dreaming of a motorcycle could represent a personal ministry or an individual.   Positive: Dreaming of a motorcycle could represent a swift progress in one’s ministry or personal(...) - Read More

    A moving van could represent a move or change in one’s natural or spiritual life.   Positive: Dreaming of a moving van could symbolize being moved from one church to another. It(...) - Read More

  • p

    A people mover is an automated transit system where driverless train cars transport people from one place to another. Usually, people movers are used as a shuttle to transport people in(...) - Read More

    A police car is the patrol car that police officers use on the job. Dreaming of a police car could represent God’s protection or authority and divine aid.   Positive: Dreaming of a(...) - Read More

  • r

    A racecar is a very fast car that is used in professional auto racing. Biblically, a racecar could represent the good fight of faith.   Positive: To dream of racing in a car could(...) - Read More

  • RAFT
    A raft is a float usually made of logs or planks and can be used as a platform for swimmers.   Positive: Dreaming of a raft could represent an emergency escape from a difficult(...) - Read More

    A rental car is a car that is purchased to rent for a specific amount of time. In dreams, cars represent ministries.   Positive: Dreaming of a rental car could represent being in a(...) - Read More

    An RV is a recreational vehicle. Dreaming of an RV could represent rest and relaxation.   Positive: To see an RV or a camper in your dream could represent God telling you that you(...) - Read More

  • s

    A sleigh is a device that is similar to a chariot. It is typically used on snow and pulled by animals such as dogs, horses, or reindeer.   Positive: Dreaming of a sleigh could(...) - Read More

    A snow plow is a vehicle with a plow on the front end used for clearing roads of snow and ice. It could represent preparing the way of the Lord.   Positive: Dreaming of a snow plow may(...) - Read More

    A snowmobile is a recreational personal vehicle used for transportation in snowy conditions and terrain. A snowmobile represents a specialized task. It transports the rider over terrain that(...) - Read More

    A steamroller is used to flatten surfaces of roads during construction. Spiritually, this can symbolize making the way or path straight. It is a crushing force that overcomes(...) - Read More

    A subway is an underground electric railroad or a path under a street that is used for the transportation of pedestrians.   Positive: Dreaming of a subway could represent a process(...) - Read More

  • t

  • TANK
    A tank is a heavily armored vehicle used by the military and in war. In a dream, a tank could represent a very strong ministry.   Positive: Dreaming of a tank could represent that(...) - Read More

    A taxi cab is a vehicle that transports you to a certain destination. They are mostly found in bigger cities but other forms of transportation and ridesharing companies exist all over (Uber,(...) - Read More

    A tow truck is a powerful vehicle that moves or transports damaged or disposable vehicles. Tow trucks are usually called to the scene of accidents in which vehicles have been totaled or to(...) - Read More

    Dreaming of a tractor could represent a powerful work or someone’s ministry being slow yet powerful.   Positive: Dreaming of a tractor could represent preaching or(...) - Read More

    A trailer could symbolize a powerful and/or large work depending on the size of the trailer.   Positive: Dreaming of a trailer could represent embarking on a powerful ministry or it(...) - Read More

    Dreaming of a train could represent being continuous in one’s ministry or personal life.   Positive: Dreaming of a train could represent a constant work in the church or one’s(...) - Read More

    A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle propelled by pedals or a motor. A tricycle is used to travel to or from places. Tricycles are usually thought of as children’s toys, but anything with(...) - Read More

    A truck is a vehicle that is large and used for transporting goods. A truck could symbolize one’s ministry or a heavy burden one is carrying.   Positive: Dreaming of a truck could(...) - Read More

  • u

    A unicycle is a vehicle like a bicycle but with only one wheel. Unicycles have a set of pedals that the rider uses to propel the wheel.   Positive: Dreaming of successfully riding(...) - Read More

  • w

    A wagon is a four-wheeled vehicle that can be pulled be humans or animals. It is mainly used for transporting goods, people, or food.   Positive: Dreaming of a wagon could represent(...) - Read More

  • y

    A yacht is a small boat used for recreation. In a dream, a yacht could symbolize a Holy Spirit filled ministry or place.   Positive: Dreaming of a yacht could represent the desires of(...) - Read More

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