Jesus Calls us to make Disciples of all Men!!! Win, Recruit, Disciple!

The Lord is now restoring the Kingdom message in our generation. He is continually appearing to David E. Taylor to bring forth revelation of the mystery of the Kingdom of God! You are called to make disciples of all nations for the Kingdom of God. The time is now! The whole world is about to be touched with the Kingdom message. You are going to play a major role in the end-time harvest! The early disciples of the 1st century shook the whole known world with the Kingdom message in under 20 years! Since the time of Christ resurrection and ascension, it only took them about 20 years to shake the entire known world! They did it through the Kingdom message, the move of face to face, and aggressively discipling people in the Kingdom. These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; Acts 17:6

The Kingdom of God is the Message ~ Face to Face is the Move!

The face to face move is not just about the Lord coming to us, it is about us going to people face to face in person! We must aggressively recruit disciples, not to be a part of a church, but to be a part of the Kingdom movement! Jesus told me, “Recruit people who want to be discipled and to be kings and receive what I died for them to become.” He has made you a king! The Kingdom of God is the Message ~ Face to Face is the Move! The Father appeared to David E. Taylor and downloaded within him His strategy and blueprints on how to take over the world! God spoke to him that He is calling each person to gather 10 people into His Kingdom. It is time to multiply and increase by 10! God told him that He has put 10 people around you that He has called you to reach and disciple. He has already put it in the heart of 10 people around you! Each person will then get 10 and multiply themselves until the whole world is touched with the gospel! The Lord told David E. Taylor that this can be done in under 8 years!

1) 200 people get 10 =’s 2,000

2) 2,000 people get 10 =’s 20,000

3) 20,000 people get 10 =’s 200,000

4) 200,000 people get 10 =’s 2,000,000

5) 2,000,000 people get 10 =’s 20,000,000

6) 20,000,000 get 10 =’s 200,000,000

7) 200,000,000 get 10 =’s 2,000,000,000

8) 2,000,000,000 get 10 =’s GLOBAL TAKE-OVER!

We are in the end time army now! It’s time to get aggressively involved in the move of God! Every pastor and leader needs to be a part of this move! Nobody has to leave their church to be a part of this major move! This is a Kingdom move for every church! Enlist today!

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