Buying means to exchange money for a good or service. Buying is a biblical concept and according to the Bible, we are able to buy things physically and spiritually.


Positive: Dreaming of buying something could represent that the item you bought is valuable to you. Buying in a dream could be God showing you what or how much of something to be in the natural realm. Dreaming of buying could represent a spiritual exchange for example sacrificing something and receiving a blessing. Buying in a dream could also represent honor, the currency of Heaven.


Negative: Dreaming of buying something illegally could represent going outside of God’s will in your life and being rebellious. If you trade money for a person or a soul, it could represent betrayal. Selling your soul in a dream could represent dealings with the devil and the need to turn back to God. Buying prostitution could indicate a lust problem in one’s life.


(2 Samuel 24:24; Matthew 13:46; 1 Chronicles 21:25-26; Job 28:12-13; 2 Kings 5:26; Matthew 27:3).


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