Major Human Slave Trafficking Bust Takes Place in Los Angeles! The California Drought is Lifting off of the Region! As Prophesied by David E. Taylor

A major move and breakthrough from God has started in California! We have seen such mighty miracles and breakthroughs in California since last year’s meetings. The Word of God has come forth in clarity with mighty signs and wonders following! Earlier this year the LORD visited David E. Taylor in a dream and told him to go to California. In the dream, he saw the entire west coast of America ablaze with the fire of God! The LORD then spoke to him, to begin to visit California to propel the move of God. As leaders gathered together in unity, the move of God began in power! The Greatest move of God that California has ever seen is happening now!

A major move and breakthrough from God has started in California!

Massive Human Slave Trafficking Bust Takes Place in Los Angeles, California!

Authorities in Los Angeles on Thursday morning announced that 198 people had been arrested on charges connected to sex trafficking. The operation led to the rescue of six adult victims and 12 minors “who had been trafficked for the purposes of sexual slavery,” authorities said. (January 29th, 2016)

In October, 2015, David E. Taylor held a Crusade Against Cancer in Anaheim, California. It was amazing! Miracles of all sorts broke out! People threw down their crutches, canes, and arose out of their wheelchairs! The Crusade Against Cancer in Anaheim was broadcasted around the world! Multitudes came out and experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ, as the crusade was broadcast to over 100 nations. Tumors disappeared, people got out of their wheelchairs, cancer was eradicated, and the Kingdom of God spread throughout the region. During the first night of the service, God came down in the region and David E. Taylor decreed the decree of the Kingdom of God, saying “There will be a human slave trafficking bust in California, it will lead to a national breakthrough and search across America against human slave trafficking, and this will be a sign that the move of God has begun in California!”

Amazing! Over 190 people were arrested for human slave trafficking! We are about to see God visit America like never before! The Move of God has begun!

The Drought Has Been Broken in California!

During the move of God services that took place in September, 2015, the Word of the Lord came to David E. Taylor. The Lord said to him that the drought in California has been broken and that the region has now entered into the move of God! Right after this decree was made, it began to rain in southern California in a way that they hadn’t seen for a long time! Also, even up north in Sacramento, the water levels are rising, as reported by the National Weather Service in Sacremento, California! Hallelujah!

The Season of Visitation for California Has Begun!

The move of God services in California will continue in March 2016! Get ready California! I will see you in a few months! In the meantime, spread the word and let the people know that their season of visitation is upon them! When the Lord releases me to come back, we will see the greatest demonstration of God’s power that the west coast has ever seen!

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