Jesus Appears And Physically Walks At Miracle Service In Jacksonville, Florida

I was invited down to Jacksonville Florida to a great man of God’s church named Pastor R.J. Washington.  He is a great friend of ours even until this day!  I was asked to come to his church to do a set of miracle services.  It was an awesome time in these services.  During one of these nights as always, I told the people how Jesus promised me that He would make a special trip from Heaven on Earth to be with us in the services.  He would allow me to conduct, and how when He comes He promises to heal the sick.  One night of these services that week Jesus visibly appeared to me walking through the audience of people.  Again my eyes were opened to see Him and I narrated as before like in other services to the people when Jesus walked in, where He was standing and moving.

The service was already awesome from the miracles that where taking place and then He comes and makes it ever better!  As I saw Him in this service I told the people where He was.  Now you have to understand that this was a big auditorium, so it would be hard to miss where I was pointing and showing the people where He was.  I told them how He was walking toward a certain section on the right hand side of the auditorium pointing in detail where He was.  He then in His beautiful white robe arrived at the section and looked up at me (this happened on the floor, but I was located on the platform of the church) and said, “I’m touching a young man name Richard right here in this section where I’m standing.”  I then started telling the people what Jesus had just said.

Then I said there is a young man named Richard standing right here in this section where Jesus is and your being touched.  A young man started jumping up and down saying that’s me, that’s me.  Here I am!  This was directly where Jesus was standing.  The crowd burst into ecstatic electricity with great faith.  Besides all the miracles that took place that night and the signs and wonders this was one of the most powerful highlights of the service.  When they saw me repeat what Jesus said to me, calling that young man’s name and pointing exactly where He was not out of the gift of prophecy or the word of knowledge was manifested but by an intimate display of Jesus walking in that service, caused them to know that I wasn’t just talking or imagining things, there was proof!  They saw this awesome sign of Jesus presence besides all the numerous miracles He did!

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