Dreams – The School, Classroom and Mentorship Program of God

Dreams are important in that they serve as a classroom (or school) by God to mentor us in life, ministry or business. They are used by God to give us answers or teach us things that we otherwise could not have learned from anyone else or through our normal study of the Word. God uses these dreams to serve as a teacher, mentor and a classroom seeing that they infuse revelation to our lives that are hidden in the scriptures of the Bible.

God Used Dreams to Mentor Me In the Healing Ministry

Throughout the years I have been walking with the Lord, He has used dreams to teach me a number of times and answer hard questions for me. He has used these dreams to mentor and train me in the miracle healing ministry. I believe God used dreams to train me one-on-one Himself. God mentored me face-to-face because I did not have men who could mentor me at the beginning of my walk nor did I have a spiritual father concerning the special ministry I was given. I can identify with Paul Crouch when he says, “I had no Father but God.”   You must understand, I was in a Baptist church after my initial conversion from a face-to-face appearance from Jesus in a dream. They did not have anyone there who could quite understand what the Lord was doing with me. Only after I became a son in the Church of God in Christ through Bishop G.E. Patterson’s ministry, did I begin to meet men who could mentor me to a degree and act as spiritual fathers in certain areas of my life. I also believe that some of my mentoring was hindered through my own pride. I was comfortable with God’s dealings with me personally through these visitations and dreams. I depended on Him to tell me everything but during that time I did not have enough spiritual fathers in my life that could really guide me in the type of ministry that the Lord had called me. But Jesus was there!

How God Uses Dreams to School and Mentor You
I want to give one example of this so you can understand what I am talking about. In 1992 after I had sold out and gave up everything to follow the Lord, I would go to hospitals and pray for people and I would see God do many miracles. I would actually go to nursing homes and medical hospitals to pray for the sick because of a God-given compassion to see God’s people healed. Well, during those times I did not understand the healing or miracle ministry the way I do today. I had little knowledge concerning this ministry but I had great faith to believe God on behalf of others to see them be healed. One day, I came home from the hospital not understanding why the people I had prayed for a week earlier had either died or not instantly recovered. I stood on God’s Word so strongly in faith believing that what He said concerning His word of healing the sick would happen instantly all the time. So when it didn’t I did not understand it. When I got home, I began to beat the floor, cry and sob. I asked the Lord: “Why isn’t everyone healed like you promised?” I said: “Lord, I prayed for those precious people and some of them got healed instantly, and with some of them nothing happened.” Honestly, I was just being candid, I didn’t understand. And after intense sobbing and weeping I cried myself to sleep on the floor. Immediately after falling asleep, I was in this dream with Jesus.

This dream was a little different from the other face-to-face appearances from the Lord. The setting started with me being in biblical times with Jesus and His apostles walking from place to place, tent to tent, preaching the gospel and healing the sick. I watched Jesus as He walked from place to place with great energy and diligence going here and there doing the work of God. In this dream, He was moving so quickly and on such a strong schedule that I could hardly keep up with Him. In the dream I had decided that when He would pass my way I would throw myself in front of Him to ask Him the question I was just praying before I went to sleep (concerning why people weren’t healed instantly all the time). Take note of this fact about dreams: sometimes God will give you a dream with the setting of the dream being a past event but having a present message within it for you today! God uses past and/or historical events that took place in the past, to relay a message to you. He used this particular background setting with past images of people’s lives as types, shadows, and similitude’s to relay a present message to me. As Jesus quickly passed by, I did just what I had planned to do. I threw myself in front of Him and I asked Him the question: “Lord, why is it that a lot of times when I pray for people I don’t see anything happen yet with others I pray for in Your name get healed? Lord, I don’t understand.”

When Jesus saw that I was about to ask Him a question after I had put myself in front of His way, He stopped. He was wearing a white robe and then He slightly bent over and said to me, “What you want me to do is a miracle, every time you pray for the people.” But then He went on to reply, “But I don’t give everyone a miracle I give some people a healing.” He continued, “Healing is just what it means David, a process of mending,” Then He said to me, “Miracles happen instantly, but a healing happens gradually” and then I awoke out of the dream. From that time on I began to study the Lord’s life during His time on earth. The Bible records just as Jesus said to me in this dream that not everyone Jesus prayed for, were instantly healed, in manifestation, before His eyes. This shows that He doesn’t give everyone a miracle; He gives some people a healing.

For instance, read the story of the ten lepers: they left Jesus’ presence in faith with the leprosy still in their body, but while they were on their way they were healed. Then there were others that received their miracle from Jesus instantly! Jesus was trying to explain to me the difference between a miracle and a healing, and teaching me that I must learn to discern God’s will when praying for the sick. Knowing when to recognize if it is His desire to give the person I’m praying for a healing (which will happen gradually) or a miracle (which will happen instantly). Most preachers drop out of praying for the sick and asking God for miracles in this type of ministry because they become discouraged when they do not see immediate results. They are scrutinized by other men who do not see everyone healed in a service. The healing ministry is a very controversial ministry in our day. Eventually some back off praying for the sick. We must not let the scrutiny of men and the discouragement that comes from a lack of immediate results, hinder us from charging forward. Jesus never gave me the reason why He chooses to give some people a miracle and others a healing. I don’t claim to have all the answers but through my study of the Word of God there are different reasons, circumstances and multiple diverse cases that people are in, concerning their lives and actions (whether good or bad). Also, another reason is just simply that sin and the devil have entered the world and sickness is his work. Jesus was sent to destroy these works of the devil and to heal all that were oppressed of him (I John 3:8 and Acts 10:38). There are multiple reasons and cases why not everyone is not healed or receive miracles, and why some people even die. I do not have all the answers and neither does anyone else except for God Himself and Jesus Christ.

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