Bowing is to bend one’s head and/or knees in submission as an act of honor or reverence. Bowing is described in the Bible several times and is also used in times of worship to God. Getting on one’s knees could represent worship, submission, surrender, victory, or repentance.


Positive: Dreaming of bowing before the Lord could represent submission in your heart to God. Seeing yourself bow down could represent giving honor where it is due. It could also represent victory being won from God.


Negative: Dreaming of yourself bowing to a statue, image, or other person could represent idolatry. It could also represent deception or defeat if you are bowing to the devil.


(Nehemiah 8:6; Romans 14:11; 1 Chronicles 29:20; Leviticus 26:1; Matthew 4:9; Psalm 62:3).

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