The Ministry

It is the heart of David E. Taylor that every Christian, saint, believer pastor and 5 fold ministry officer experience this face to face relationship with the Lord through appearances and that their whole life and ministry flow out of it. Just as the early church and the patriarchs of old had. He also teaches that this experience and face to face relationship through Jesus appearing was not just for their time but it is also for our time as well.
Each aspect of the unusual special ministry that the Lord Jesus has given David E. Taylor is birthed out of this intimate face to face relationship as a result of the Lord appearing to him.  The dynamic evangelistic miracle healing ministry that the Lord has given to Him has been graced by Jesus telling him in heaven in the year 2000, that He would personally come down on earth in every one of the miracle crusades that he holds and walk among and in the midst of the people in the glorified body that He rose from the dead in 2000 years ago. Jesus told him to encourage the people with these words that He Jesus their Saviour and Healer would come and touch them and heal them especially and specifically those who are bound by wheelchairs. This has been evidently seen by the phenomenal miracles that has taken place and happened to tens of thousands of people over the years. Jesus visited David and told him he had been ordained to be a Healing Shepard to America and the world.  The term “Healing Shepard” had never been heard by him the way that the Lord said and articulated it in this phrase.

As a prophet he has been given the ability by the Lord to be what the bible terms to be a face to face prophet.  Jesus told him in an appearance that like as unto Moses that he had a prophetic face to face ministry with Jesus himself and God.  Scripture bears this out in  Deuteronomy 34:10-12.   It says, “There arose not a prophet like unto Moses whom the LORD knew face to face and all the signs and wonders which God did by him.”

In his apostolic call he is visited by Jesus on a regular basis concerning different pastors and the business of His Churches in face to face appearances during the night while he is sleep as well as when he is also awake.

The Global vision of Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) was established 25 years ago as David E. Taylor (president and ceo) began the ministry and the mission. Throughout the years JMMI has funded many humanitarian projects, including: feeding thousands in Detroit at the Northeastern Headquarters, constructing water wells in third-world countries, supporting women coming out of abusive situations, caring for orphans, and supporting local food banks. JMMI is committed to establishing local mission stations that daily feed the poor, build water wells around the world, train young people how to be productive members in society, bring racial equality to each generation, and equip the generations to come to bring justice, equity, and equal rights throughout the world. Currently, JMMI is in the beginning stages of building “Refuge Homes”. These homes are dedicated to the restoration and rescuing of children from human slave trafficking. Many states do not offer any homes that offer treatment and restoration for these children. JMMI is a ministry committed to establishing these centers, free of charge, in the necessary communities around America. Through social media and modern technology, JMMI seeks to fulfill the vision by establishing and increasing awareness, participation, and involvement, in real time communication through using modern technology.

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