His Appearance Blesses Pastor’s Ministry

The Lord Cares About His Pastors And Their Ministries

The most amazing thing happened to me during this time after that the Lord had been working with me in this way personally.  In 2004, I was scheduled to be at a pastor friend of mines church.  At this time we had just meet, so we didn’t know each other very well.  Before I would fly out to his church in Detroit on Saturday, I was invited to a Pastor Benny Hinn crusade on Thursday through Friday.  I’ve always liked going to Pastor Benny Hinn’s crusades.  The presence of the Lord is so thick and glorious there.  As we were in Pastor Benny’s Friday morning miracle service, during the beautiful atmosphere of worship, Jesus appeared walking up to me in the physical realm.

He then began talking to me saying, “I’m sending you to this pastor’s church for a special purpose, and to bring a release and breakthrough to his personal life, destiny and ministry.”  Then He continued, “This will be the sign unto him that I have sent you.”  (Before this time Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and I had never met face to face, by phone).  Then Jesus went on to say, “He has two members, one named Tiffany and the other named Karen.  These two have tumors in their bodies that are lying lie dormant and at a certain time they will spread all over their body, killing them in a short period of time.  I am going to heal them.”  Jesus said, “Mention this to him and he will know that I have sent you.”

After this Jesus disappeared walking away.  When I flew in that next day on Saturday, I sat down with him in his beautiful mansion and shared with him everything Jesus told me about his members.  He gave witness to this saying, that he did have two members by those names.  The one named Karen he shared how he knew she had tumors but he did know about Tiffany.  So I told him I would mention this to the church openly on Sunday what the Lord said to me and call for Karen and Tiffany to come up to the front.  So I did, and Karen came forth but Tiffany wasn’t there this day.  I told Karen what the Lord said, then prayed for her.  Before the next service that was to take place within hours she passed 2 to 3 tumors out of her body.  I didn’t find out until later that Karen had 30 pounds of tumors in her body and was off of work because of the effect of them in her body.

Cancers Healed Through Jesus’ Appearance In Detroit

These tumors caused a bad condition making her unable to work for 3 to 4 months.  Afterwards over the next 2 to 3 months she passed the other remaining pounds of tumors out of her body.  Jesus is so powerful!  In this same move we saw the Lord do a lot of glorious things.  Jesus then appeared to me again in this Bishop’s mansion.  He walked straight through the wall and said, “I’ve sent you here because my servant has been losing momentum and I’ve come to give you the assessment of what he needs to do for his church to catch up, flourish bigger and gain the momentum that it  once had.”  Then Jesus said, “Because he has a “power” ministry, he has been  hindered by a spirit of tradition and religious that is in this building.”  Jesus then went on to tell me that because of this spirit in the building that he was renting, his attendance took a dive for this reason.

The people that owned the building had a religious spirit and religion makes the power of God of none effect.  This is what Jesus explained to me that was happening because this bishop had a “power” ministry from God in which the supernatural is evident and for the miracles that took place through his life.  This man of God, did what the Lord appeared to me and told me to tell him and his church in Detroit and began to instantly and supernaturally flourish.

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