Heaven is a very real place. It is God’s desire that everyone spends eternity in it, so what is Heaven really like? Now, in this sequel, David E. Taylor shares his many different trips to heaven but mainly the “Special one” that he had in the fall of the year 2000. In this visit, Jesus Christ came into his room while he lay on the bed that night asleep and took his human soul and spirit out of his body on a glorious trip to the third heaven. While being toured by Jesus around Heaven he was afforded, being blessed by the opportunity to see and talk to some of the great men and women of our time such as: Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, Bishop C.H. Mason, and others. You will also read the important messages Jesus allowed these men and women to give him to share with His Body the Church. Most of all he was personally taken by the Lord Jesus Christ to meet with the Father God Jehovah in His throne room face to face which is one of the major and amazing highlights of this sequel to the first book. He also tells of his horrific trips to hell and his incredible life-changing experience of Jesus taking him to meet and see physically the Holy Spirit in a face to face appearance in person, which has been rare for men living on the earth today and biblical times! Jesus appeared to David E. Taylor face to face and told him, “I will appear to everyone who reads this book and hears this message, tell them this.” There have been testimonies of 100’s thousands of people whom the Lord has appeared to after hearing this message over the years and now even millions as the Lord have begun to appear openly before whole cities and nations notably working with David E. Taylor in every region he goes into. Your life will be changed like so many others and you will:
  • Experience Jesus coming to you face to face personally
  • You will learn what Heaven looks like
  • Be taken by the Lord personally on a tour to see Heaven after reading this book
  • Gain wisdom and insight concerning your destiniy and life’s assignment here on Earth
  • Meet God the Father in person
  • Learn God’s love demonstrated through His discipline and chastisement as a loving Father that will cause you to avoid losing your eternal life as a Christian and ending up in hell
  • Learn what God’s great throne room looks like and the activity that goes on there
  • Learn the 8 major different levels of relationship with the Lord
Experience the ultimate intimacy with God the Father as revealed by Jesus…plus much more!



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