Without Media… there is no Ministry

Media is the outreach; the evangelistic arm of the ministry, designed to reach the world.  Sinners do not go to church!  Media reaches out and goes where they are.  There is an estimated 3 Billion people in the world who do not know Christ.  No man could reach them alone but media magnifies!  Media is the modern day sickle that God is using to reap the harvest!

Multi-million dollar television studio and production center will be housed on the grounds of the world media miracle center.  It will be used for live and pre-recorded productions so that we can reach the world!

When You give…

You must understand that you are not just giving, to build a building but to build a Kingdom… God’s Kingdom, that uses these things to reach the Harvest… Your role is vital!

Lives Changed; Souls Saved!

Multiple People Healed & Delivered!

Shown here (left) is not the actual site of our amphitheater but it is a prototype of the amphitheater site that we will build.  The World Media Miracle Center grounds will not only house the administrative offices of the ministry but will also include a 5,000 seat outdoor amphitheater with one Jumbotron on the grounds.  The photo above is not one of our actual services but it is an example and demonstration of how the Jumbotrons will look and and how they will be utilized during a service.

The Most Powerful Media… The Most Powerful Message!

The World Media Miracle Center will house the TV Studios for Joshua Media Ministries Int’l.  The studio will be used to transit live and pre-recorded broadcasts of the “Miracles Today” television program.  Live programs are shot with a live studio audience and aired live via satellite for network and web broadcasts for this cause… that the world may know that Jesus is alive and does miracles today!

The “Latter Rain Outpouring” radio broadcast will also air from the World Miracle Center  and will be simulcast on various radio station across national and international airwaves.  Shown here (right) is an actual live in-studio recording of the “Latter Rain Outpouring” radio broadcast.

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