Digging is the process where a tool or one’s hands are used to loosen dirt so that a hole is made for planting or building.


Positive: Digging could symbolize plowing for a great harvest or preparing for building up areas to make them prosperous. It could also represent that a person is being prepared to be pruned like a tree so it may flourish. Digging could also represent a person’s heart being processed.


Negative: Dreaming of digging could represent searching for the wrong type of knowledge which could lead to sin. It could also be using insulting words that dig into a person. People digging could represent trying to find information or faults against someone else. Digging could also represent trying to set a trap for someone.


(Amos 9:13-15; Luke 13:7-9; John 5:39; Genesis 3:6; Proverbs 12:8).

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