Drinking is to consume a liquid through one’s mouth. Drinking can also refer to drinking alcohol.


Positive: Dreaming of drinking could represent fellowship as in wine and communion, drinking in the Holy Spirit, overcoming, or the cup of the crucified life. It could represent a spiritual impartation or refreshing.


Negative: If you are drinking heavily in a dream, it could represent consuming upon your own lust, being under the power of sorrow, affliction, or idolatry. Drinking could indicate spiritual dehydration and the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


(Acts 2:13; Jeremiah 2:18; Jeremiah 51:7; Isaiah 29:9-11; Ezekiel 23:33; Revelation 14:8-10; Deuteronomy 32:4; Zechariah 9:15-17).

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