CD – My First Encounter and Face to Face Appearances from Jesus

Just as Jesus appeared to David E. Taylor at the age of 17. while in  a sinful state, He desires to maniifest and come to everyone. The lord’s appearing is not predicated on our state but by His unparalleled love to be close to us. It’s when we come into contact with His presence, face to face, that we truly conform to His image and character. David E. Taylor uncovers how God the Father knew we needed the face to face contact with Him, so He sent Jesus in the New Testament.

He also shares how Jesus will come, at the appointed set time for you, and this continual face to face relationship is what will thoroughly transform you, as it has transformed him. This teaching and revelation of God’s Love will cause you to desire to run and take hold of this beautiful, awesome journey of knowing Jesus, face to face.

This is Life… Eternal!

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