CD – Extravagant Love

Jesus is the key to the Kingdom. If we are going to appropriately and accurately demonstrate His heart and His love, we must come into contact with who He is.  The best way to do that is to know Him in an intimate and personal way, face to face! In this captivating message, David E. Taylor liberates the heart and mind with the empowering love of Jesus. God has always put faith in the hearts of man. When faith is in the heart, supernatural manifestations take place! As you listen, allow your heart to humbly receive that Jesus loves you beyond any knowledge He has of you. In order to love like Jesus, your heart needs to be circumcised, cutting away everything that stops the flow of Jesus from coming out of you. Jesus loves loving people and when He comes to you face to face, you will receive His love in such an intensified way, that you will love loving people too! There are some changes that will never take place in your character without seeing the face of the Lord. Jesus was the first and greatest comforter, sent to save the whole world! The Holy Spirit is another comforter, and He is for the Church. It takes supernatural encounters with Jesus to reveal truths of His Kingdom that have been lost for centuries. This message is the answer to the Body of Christ and the world! It is called The Ultimate Intimacy! Cry out for more! Love Him openly and receive His response; uncomparable love! This is the beauty of the Face to Face Relationship!!

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