CD – Face to Face Relationship with Jesus: Intimate Contact with the Son of God

After a divine visitation and instruction from Jesus about His deepest desire to not only be in relationship with His people but to appear to and visit them as well, David E. Taylor held the first annual Face to Face Appearances from Jesus Conference in June 2015! It was aired around the world and reached over 190 nations! For over 25 years, David has been telling people everywhere that Jesus is going to visit them, in this lifetime, and transform their lives forevermore!! We are beginning to hear testimony after testimony of Jesus appearing to people of all walks of life, Saved and unsaved, as well as individually and corporately!

During the second night of this amazing conference, Jesus spoke to David E. Taylor and promised that He would personally come into the service on the third night and stand on the platform and physically visit and touch His people. Jesus came and He did what He said He would do – He entered the sanctuary and He physically poured out His tangible and radiating glory!! Countless people testified that their eyes were opened and they saw Jesus face to face! Bodies collapsed in the electrifying presence, power, and weight of Jesus’ glory! Listen now and allow the character and ambiance that comes directly from Jesus transform and restore you right now! Your life will never be the same again! This is the Abundant Life!

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