The School of Face to Face Appearances from Jesus Box Set

Have you been longing for a closer relationship with Jesus? You can have it! In this powerful message by David E. Taylor, he reveals that the secret to accessing this relationship is the mystery of fellowship and intimacy! In this teaching, you will learn that:

• Fellowship is not just a gift or an anointing
• It’s better to do ministry with the fellowship of Jesus than just the anointing,
because what you can’t do – He can
• The fellowship of the mystery is Jesus working with you (John 14:21)
• Fellowship goes two ways (1 John 1:5)
• We must learn how to cooperate with God

This message will destroy the notion that Jesus will only appear to certain people that He favors! Watch and see how He wants to manifest Himself to everyone and take you to a whole new level in Him through fellowship!

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