A helicopter is an aircraft whose lift comes from aerodynamic forces. Helicopters are known for their loud rotors that spin on top of the aircraft,


Positive: Dreaming of a helicopter in flight could determine a certain message the Lord is expressing. A helicopter in transit may represent hopes and dreams that are in motion to be fulfilled. It could also symbolize a ministry which includes rescue and deliverance or winning souls. It could represent acceleration on your ministry or dreams.


Negative: To see a helicopter in your dream could show a lifting up of oneself showing pride. To be hovering in one place shows no progress or fulfillment of ministry, dreams, or business. If the helicopter crashes it could represent that one is unable to complete a mission.

(2 John 1:2; Jonah 3:3; Isaiah 31:5; Isaiah 58:8; 1 Timothy 3:6).


Categories: Vehicles
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