A firetruck is a vehicle used by fire departments sent for emergency assistance, usually to put out fires. In a dream, firetrucks could represent a ministry that is meant to save you.


Positive:  In a dream, a firetruck could represent God sending someone to save you from a trial or situation you are stuck in. It could represent a ministry God has sent to save your soul. Dreaming of a firetruck putting out a fire could also symbolize God rescuing you from an upcoming hardship.


Negative: Dreaming of a firetruck that cannot put out a fire or has no water could represent problems in your ministry that need to be solved before it can be effective. A firetruck driving past a fire and not helping to put it out could represent God’s judgment or Him passing you by due to pride or a lack of repentance.


(Isaiah 43:2; Daniel 3:17; Joel 2:3).


Categories: Vehicles
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