A snowmobile is a recreational personal vehicle used for transportation in snowy conditions and terrain. A snowmobile represents a specialized task. It transports the rider over terrain that might otherwise be impossible. A snowmobile could represent one’s job or ministry.


Positive: Dreaming of a snowmobile could represent having an attitude of taking charge during terrible conditions. It could symbolize forging ahead with power and courage during tough times. A snowmobile could also represent getting a job done despite how bad things have gotten. Dreaming of a snowmobile could represent God showing you that you have leadership qualities.


Negative:  A snowmobile is a manmade vehicle which could easily break down. Dreaming of a snowmobile could symbolize an upcoming breakdown in one’s life and the need to be under God’s covering.


(Philippians 4:13; Daniel 11:25; Ecclesiastes 9:11; Nehemiah 4:3).


Categories: Vehicles
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