Dreaming of an airplane could represent traveling in one’s personal life or a traveling ministry. Consider the positioning and size of the aircraft.


Positive: Dreaming that an airplane is flying or soaring could indicate being taken away to a different place, depending on the destination. An airplane could represent operating in the gifts of the Spirit. If the aircraft in the dream is a jet it could represent a powerful or fast progressing ministry. A jet passenger or fighter plane could represent a church or individual person.


Negative: Dreaming of an airplane may also represent a lack of prayer or preparation if the plane is flying too low. This position of the airplane may symbolize not following or being led by the Spirit. If a plane is flying near electrical lines it could represent danger in one’s ministry. A plane crash could represent a church split or a personal disaster.


(Psalm 18:10; Acts 8:39; Acts 18:24).

Categories: Vehicles
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