CD – My Trip to Heaven & Hell

Mostly because of fear, ignorance, and avoidance, much of the church has focused very little on the reality that both Heaven and Hell exist and that only one will be their eternal destination. The devil has been busy deceiving Christians with the fallacy that “once saved, always saved”.  This does not line up with the Word of God. In this indispensable series and personal testimony, David E. Taylor reveals the truths about salvation and its relation to Heaven and Hell. There is an increase in people ascending and descending and although they might have different testimonies, the message is the same: Heaven and Hell are REAL! You must never let any man teach you a message of “salvation” that is contrary to the salvation that our King Jesus taught.  Understanding the knowledge of salvation is imperative. Casual seekers do not make it to Heaven you must strive to enter the straight gate.  Do not use “grace” to be lazy you must share your salvation with all humanity! Do not become slothful and lose your enthusiasm for God and doing His will. Heaven and Hell is a matter of the heart; how we love and serve God and love, forgive, and treat people! It’s not about all the “wrong” you never did, but the love, mercy, and forgiveness you never lived.  As you listen to this message, let the veils of your heart be removed and Arise to Love!

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