CD – 3 Persons, 3 Powers One Godhead

The Word of God proceeds seasons. Before you can enter a new season, God gives you a word containing the information to accomplish the season, and knowing the power of the Godhead is the key component to changing a generation and the world around you. Until we understand the Godhead, we will miss the flow of power necessary for the move of God in our lives. It’s not enough to know the Godhead as being ONE, without knowing them individually and the power that comes from them separately. In this priceless series, David E. Taylor reveals the original order and power that Jesus taught His disciples; exousia power from Jesus deals with God’s government, the explosive dunamis power of the Holy Spirit that deals with God’s dynamite, and the power of dominion that comes from Jehovah! This message will cause you to learn to relate to the Godhead as individuals and as one, and will equip you to more effectively relate to God’s people and to literally transform a generation and the world! Don’t remain cheated, you were born to be undefeated!!

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