CD – His Meekness Your Greatness

Have you ever been entrapped by the mistakes of your past, and thought that there was no hope for your future? Religion will cause you to doubt the depth of God’s love for you, and limit you from becoming all that He has planned for you to be. God is after your heart, therefore he is after relationship with you! He is not moved by your mistakes, he is moved by Love! Pursuing the heart of the Lord, will cause you to see His manifested expression of love, through meekness.

Meekness is God’s vision and night time goggles in your life, no matter how dark or lonely the time you are in, might be. In this forever encouraging message, David E. Taylor shares how because of Jesus’ meekness, He is continually positioning you to become great, no matter what! Your greatness starts first with His meekness and humility, and when you learn the heart of Jesus and begin to become an expression of His heart, you too can help others see their greatness and not focus on their weakness! Jesus wants to make you great eternally… not temporarily! This message will unlock the treasure of a meek heart in your life, forever!

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