CD & DVD – The Warrior, Wedding & The Wife

Woman of destiny, did you know that you are more than just a queen? You are a supernatural king in the Kingdom of God! God predestined you before the creation of the world and you have an original design and purpose from God, not man. In this powerful teaching series by David E. Taylor, you will learn that:

•  The creation of woman was God’s idea, not Adam’s
•  Women who stay in God’s original design, submitting to man, can endure through battles
•  You find protection through submission
•  No matter what you faced in the past, God has a future for you
•  Having an intimate relationship with Jesus and the Father secures your destiny
•  There was no mother to teach Eve, the Father taught her
•  You are a daughter of the Father and you must know His love for you
•  You must focus on your marriage with Jesus and the humility that comes
with submission to the King will elevate you to operate in the office you were made for

Learn how to become a virtuous woman and be empowered to walk in your divine office just as the women in the Bible did! You are a warrior and a helpmeet
– this is why He made you! Listen now and gain a true
understanding of who you really are!

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