CD – Face to Face with God: The Power Given to God’s End Time Army

In this monumental series, David E. Taylor unveils ancient mysteries and revelation from the heart of the Father. You will be educated, equipped, and empowered to be end time soldiers of God!  Learn to walk in dominion through the Godhead and enter into the God Realm!! Get ready for more!

•You must understand the personalities of All Three to understand the ONENESS of God
•There is rank in the Godhead
•Face to Face is about Removing the Veils
•We must Behold Him to be Changed
•The Holy Spirit is Gentle, but very Powerful
•Jesus Expresses His Power through Humility and Meekness
•The Father’s Power is Extravagant
•You can’t access God’s Power without Knowing Him
•When you meet the Father… You Enter The NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE Realm
•Dominion Manifests the God Realm through the Glory Manifestations

Listen now and receive understanding and impartation to walk in the unspeakable power that belongs to the Soldiers of God!

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