CD – The Kingdom of God Vol 5: The Recovery of The Crown

Do you really understand the power, depth, and fullness of God’s Kingdom? The church has missed it with the message of the Kingdom, although it’s the message that Jesus Himself demonstrated and taught continuously! Jesus taught His disciples nothing but the Kingdom for three and a half years, then the Holy Spirit came and matched that teaching with authority and power! In this series, David E. Taylor reveals prolific revelation that will awaken the KING inside of every believer! This is the message that the Body of Christ is in desperate need of!  His Kingdom, His Order… FIRST!

The emphasis for too long has been on the church, when God specifically told us to seek His Kingdom! Anything before His Kingdom is out of order, rank, and position! Satan has a Kingdom, and it takes a Kingdom to fight a Kingdom! We see churches packed with people but lacking power! They have not received the revelation or the message of the Kingdom and although the church may be full, the atmosphere around them is dominated by demonic principalities! The Kingdom of God is built on Dominion and Authority, and turns cities, regions, and nations upside down! You are Royalty!

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