CD – The Contest of Kings

In the beginning, there were two kings – Adam and Satan. Satan came through Eve with deception to get the crown back from Adam and he won. Jesus came back as the second Adam to gain the world back from Satan. This is the Contest of Kings! In this revelatory message by David E. Taylor, you will learn that:

• Jesus came to win the world back while another entity had it
• If you surrender to the devil’s voice, then you are his servant
• The first Adam lost his power when he ate, the second Adam gained power by not eating
• Jesus felt temptations and weaknesses like we do, but no one talks about it
• Although Jesus was holy and the son of God, He still could’ve sinned, but He didn’t
• Jesus was all man and all god, not half man and half god
• Satan tried to trick Jesus by offering Him the same promises the Father offered Him early

In a Contest of Kings, there are rules of engagement. If the kingdom of darkness uses a tactic,
the Kingdom of Heaven can use it too. The Contest of Kings is to rule nations. Jesus
and the Father risked Heaven just to gain us! Learn how to win the Contest of
Kings against Lucifer as the new kings who will regain territory for Jehovah!

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