The Kingdom of God Part 2 – Book

Recovering the Lost message and ministry of the Kingdom of God! Learn the divine purpose of seeking the Kingdom First. In this royal revelation, given to David E. Taylor during multiple Face to Face Visitation and Trips to Heaven, you will understand the need to reestablish God’s Kingdom order in your life, ministry, and destiny. When you realize your true identity as a king, you will gain all you need to reign! As you study this dynamic message, you will learn:
  • Jesus recovered the Crown and made you king.
  • You have a throne, a scepter, and a crown!
  • You have a royal assignment to break principalities
  • That there is a process of discipleship before kingship
  • Why the kingdom is first, and the church is second
  • That you were not only born to have authority, you were born to have dominion.
  • Before you can operate in dominion, you must first submit to authority
  • You have the Power of the Kingdom of God working with you.
  • That there are different ranks in the demonic kingdom.


Your life and ministry are about to be revolutionized as you understand the power of the kingdom on earth, all of heaven backs you up!!!!

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