CD – The Dreamer: Rediscovering & Restoring Honor

In these last days the Father is on Earth; therefore, the Offices of the Kingdom are being restored. In this powerful, dynamic, and life-changing message, not only will you learn that dreaming is another form of communication that God used with us, bu you will see how the Office of the Dreamer is so powerful, that nations have been saved and lost at the hands of those that dream and by those that do not fully understand how to  interpret or seek god’s interpretation of dreams.

David E. Taylor brilliantly shares and reveals the scriptures surrounding the Dreamer an the areas, levels,classes, and responsibilities of Dreamers. He also shares how this office has been dishonored, almost to the point of extinction and how the Father, in these last days will see that it is fully restored, ensuring the messages He is giving through dreams, are communicated to His people for the purpose of advancing his Kingdom!!

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