CD – God’s Ransom from Death: The Dream Officer

Do you understand the kind of power and rule that belongs to an offer of dreams? A dream officer is a kingdom office that carries protection, salvation, and redemption, not only for individuals, but communities, regions, and nations. Dreamers change outcomes on their pillows!

In this powerful series, David E. Taylor brings to light the manner by which you can receive the undeniable  power of the dreamer in your life. When you can identify the proper honor for Dreamers and genuinely promote them, you can expect to benefit from their lives. Dreamers are rulers of the night and the moon, and they do extremely well in negativity and darkness.

In addition, Dreamers have a supernatural gift and substance to release prosperity and wealth to others,  and when they do, it solidifies a life that lacks nothing! Listen now and be revitalized as you learn the value of a Dreamer in your life!

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