CD – Dominion over the Future in Dreams

Did you know that God created mankind for dominion?! In the beginning, God gave mankind dominion (Genesis 1:26)! God created mankind to govern as a sovereign authority under His Leadership. In dreams, God will give mankind foresight so that he may enter the future in a place of dominion and not defeat! Pharaoh was able to dominate the future by seeing it first in a dream (Genesis 41)! In this empowering message, David E. Taylor shares how you too can have dominion over the future through dreams! You will learn how to recognize God’s message of the future in dreams, the wisdom on how to respond to foresight, and how to respond in the present in order to dominate the future! After listening to this message, you too will be empowered to walk in dominion over the future as you understand God’s message of the future in dreams!

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