Joseph B. :

The book on Amazon led me to David E. Taylor’s website and I was blown away. I was blown away by the pictures of God coming down in the earth and all of the face to face testimonies. I ordered the books “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus” & “My Trip to Heaven” and read them both. God answered my questions! I kept coming back to the meetings and was wanting to be closer to Christ. But after I met Apostle David E. Taylor, and read the  face to face book, the appearances and visitations of Christ in my life accelerated tremendously!! Apostle Taylor ministered to me and gave me a word that Jesus Himself was going to come to me. Sure enough Jesus came soon after that! I was sleeping in my bed when all of a sudden I was in a dream with Jesus. In this dream, I was prostrate before the Lord Jesus…He was in a white robe and had a dark red sash going across His chest. In the dream I saw myself and Jesus, like I was watching it from the side. I was prostrate before His feet and He just looked at me…I had His attention. And in this experience all this pain was coming up from my heart in the dream. I was actually feeling the pain of my heart in the dream, it was very intense. It was almost like all of the pain in my heart was coming up to Him in one moment of time. When I awoke, the pain was fleeing from my heart. And at that moment I knew Jesus was supernaturally bringing healing to my heart. I experienced the power of Christ and His gospel in getting healed of a broken heart! It was amazing! I do not believe I would have survived if He didn’t come and heal me at that moment…thanks be to God.

Hallelujah Forever!


Pastor Noel:

I had been in ministry over 25 years and had never seen Jesus face to face until I read David E. Taylor’s book, “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus”

In a dream last night, for the first time in my life I got to see Him! His glorious appearance was not revealed to me, but I saw Him just like you would see any other man.

In this dream, myself along with some other people I didn’t know were in a retreat type setting. It was in the woods. There were cabins and other things. Someone in authority suggested that we request to see Jesus. All of us were skeptical about this, but we requested to see Him. I wasn’t sure I really would. The leader also said that we could possibly see other people from the Bible as well, like Moses and Paul. I remember thinking to myself how I’d love to see Paul.

We walked to a building with greenery around it. From the back of the building Jesus and some other people dressed similar to Him came walking out. When I saw Him I thought to myself, is this really Him? He looked just like a normal man. He had a smile on His face and He looked at all of us, but kept on walking into the building. In the building there was a wooden elevator that was very large and everyone got inside. No more than ten people total including me and Jesus. In the elevator He spoke for the first time and said, “I didn’t bring Paul with me, but I brought Peter”. He looked toward a man who for whatever reason just looked like a fisherman. Peter’s hair was dark and his face seemed tanned olive toned. His skin was similar in color to Jesus. Peter looked at us and gave a closed mouthed smile as we ascended in the elevator.
The next thing I knew Jesus was ministering to each person while reclining at a table. He was dressed in a white robe and wore sandals. Then He spoke. His tone was so laid back. I found it hard to believe how unassuming He was. It appeared when I got a chance to speak with Jesus that I couldn’t say anything to Him. He looked at me and started to talk about love. It’s as if He didn’t open His mouth either, but without any words exchanged He explained to me the importance of the love of God. I was overcome. I knew I had just seen Jesus, but I also realized that He still was somewhat hidden from me. I came to understand more about this later.

After my time was through I walked away from where Jesus was meeting with people as my mind was racing through all that just happened. Then I saw my sister. She had a big smile on her face as did I. I was so happy to see her because now I could talk to someone about what just happened. It seemed as if she had met with the Lord too. We both just kept commenting on how low key He was. We were both so amazed at His demeanor. I remember saying that I’ve seen people use the gifts of the Spirit with much more volume and show than what Jesus did. I knew I just saw Jesus with my eyes for the first time in my life, but I also knew that He was still somewhat hidden from me. As if I wasn’t permitted to see Him gloriously. Then I remembered the visitations book and what David E. Taylor said. He mentions that the visitations from Jesus have different levels of intimacy based on your current relationship with Him. And so while still in the dream I start to piece all this together in my mind. I’m overwhelmed and excited that I saw Jesus just like was prophesied in the book by brother Taylor. I also realize that I couldn’t see Him with any more intimacy than I did because I haven’t been walking as close to Him as I should.


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