Book – The Kingly Anointing

God has called us to be kings and priests! (Revelation 1:6). The kingly anointing is the most powerful anointing in the Kingdom, second only to the imperial anointing. In this revelatory booklet by David E. Taylor, you will learn that:


  • You can go further with God in the Kingdom after fulfilling your priestly function
  • The kingly anointing is only available to those who will pay the price to go further with God (2 Kings 9:1-3)
  • Obedience is the key to the kingly anointing, if you cease to obey God, the anointing will lift (1 Samuel 15:22-23)
  • In order to understand and recognize the kingly anointing, we must first understand the natural authority and power of an earthly king
  • The words of a king will result in either life or death (Proverbs 16:10)


The favor of a king brings the anointing on you in a greater dimension (Proverbs 19:12). Learn what it really means to be a king in God’s Kingdom and how you can walk in the office God has called you to!

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