Book – The Importance of Dreams

Did you know that ignoring your dreams could cost you your life? Since biblical times, dreams have been one of God’s forms of communication with man and hold key answers to your prayers and your life! In this eye-opening book by David E. Taylor, you will learn that: • Dreams in the night are God’s answers to your prayers during the day • Listening to and understanding the dreams you have in your sleep can help you avoid catastrophe Dreams have had a major impact on the world since biblical times (Gen. 41) • God gives strategic information and knowledge to you in your dreams that will protect not only you, but your family, friends, marriage, home, job, etc. • You must recognize the different types of dreams God gives you in order to respond correctly • The office of the Dreamer is an ancient office that is still around today (Deut. 13:1) • God gives us dreams to alert, warn, and prepare us so that situations don’t catch us off guard • God will use dreams to preserve the destinies of not only individual people, but whole nations! Understanding the real nature of dreams will give you the insight behind why God gives you dreams, and how to differentiate dreams from God and dreams from your flesh (Jer. 29:8). Discover what God is saying to you and how to interpret this ancient communication successfully!

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