CD – Raising the Dead

Raising the dead is something that every born again believer can and should be exercising. The moment you gave your life and heart to Jesus you received a transference of unspeakably undeniable power that entered your very being.  It was the same resurrecting power that raised Jesus from the dead! Therefore, every person regardless of how long they have been saved should be raising the dead! In this exceptional and wonderful message, David E. Taylor assuredly shares the power and dominion of God’s government that we are to confidently operate in, on a daily basis. Whatever miracle you believe God for, even if it is to the point of death, it can be resurrected!

When Jesus sent His disciples into the cities, He sent them with the dominion of His government, not His gifts.  When you gain the faith to raise the dead no miracle shall be impossible unto you. You will recognize the difference in your priestly gifts and the government of the kingdom, and you will do what pleases God without consulting Him first! This is the power and dominion God is calling His end-time army to operate in!!

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