CD – The Face to Face Love Covenant Revealed

During times of weakness and flaws, Jesus never wants you to move away but to come closer! In this heartfelt message, David E. Taylor shares the very heart and thoughts of Jesus concerning. Him loving unconditionally through times of human failures and how religious teaching has misinterpreted the nature of  Jesus faithfulness in dark seasons. Your eyes will be enlightened to discover how troublesome times are our weaknesses, failures and flaws flaring up and not doing everything right: how there are barriers in our minds that don’t keep Him away but keeps us away from Him.

You will also learn the realization, that in order for you to be delivered, you have to know what a true friend is and to understand. His standard of friendship, His word is His standard. His love goes beyond all human reasonings, understandings and feelings. This message will set you free and will deepen your face to face relationship today!

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