CD – Marriage and Singleness

In this amazing and vital series by David E. Taylor your heart will find peace as you learn keys to obtaining a successful marriage and ministry. God has planned and destined victory for each of us and He has ordained and made you compatible with one person. God has written your whole life in a book in Heaven, and He is concerned where you end up. Listen now and pursue to learn the heart and strategy of the Father for your destiny in marriage and ministry.


  • Most singles are focused on marriage instead of getting to know Jesus.
  • Just because someone is “saved” doesn’t mean they are compatible for your destiny. God has ordained a perfect mate for you.
  • Marriage requires a mate that can go with you through the journey and fulfill destiny.
  • Marriage in ministry is important.
  • The biggest problem in marriage is a lack of communication.
  • If you desire certain things in your mate, tell them.  Be honest and transparent about what you desire from each other.
  • A woman’s desire is turned toward one man, and when it is, you can’t turn it away. She can’t love two men at once.
  • Marrying the wrong person can sabotage everything God has written and predestined for your whole life. Seeking God’s will for your mate will protect you from making wrong decisions.
  • It’s God’s will that you are successful in ministry and in marriage!

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