CD – Bridal Glory

Jesus is our king and husband! In this dynamic message, David E. Taylor releases divine revelation that will prepare you for marriage, as Mordecai did for Esther. Learn how to pursue the ultimate intimacy with Jesus and become His perfect bride!
•The best time to marry Jesus is when   you are single
•You don’t marry the lion, you marry the   lamb
•The lamb is what you live with daily, the   lamb becomes the lion to help
•The spirit of the lamb is more powerful   than the lion
•The lamb is wise, He knew how to lay   down His life for you
•The wife role is already a submissive     role, but submission has been abused
 Selfishness and lack of humility hinders   marriage
•Men don’t know how to be real   husbands, because they have not.   submitted to marrying Christ
•Just because it’s right, doesn’t mean it’s righteous!
Once you marry and submit to Jesus, you will be equipped with the wisdom of the lamb! The humility that comes with submission to the king will empower and elevate you to operate in the office you were created for!

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