CD – Live Dream Interpretation with David E. Taylor

Have you ever observed a dream getting interpreted? Have you wondered about the process of dream interpretation? God gives examples by which we may learn ( 1st Timothy 4:12). Growing spiritually by observing the godly lives and ministries of others is a way of the Kingdom. The Word of God says that while Jesus was on earth, he began to both ‘do and to teach’ until the day He ascended to Heaven (Acts 1:1). Jesus taught His disciples that it is not just by teaching, but by doing and teaching the word of God, that greatness is achieved in the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:19). In this series, David E. Taylor, a seasoned dream officer for over 22 years, teaches the process of dream interpretation by both demonstration and precept. In this message, you will gain insight into the stages of dream interpretation, the questions to ask while interpreting, and how to respond to God’s message in the dream once it is properly interpreted. The realm of dreams and dream interpretation will come alive as you listen to this series and learn by example. Listen now, and you too will grow in your skill and understanding of dreams (Daniel 7:1)

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