CD – Hearing God’s Voice Concerning Your Destiny Through Dreams

As important as it is to be able to hear God’s Voice in prayer, while we are awake, it is equally important to hear His Voice when he is speaking to us through dreams. God’s spoken voice to us at any time is critical to quality of our life and destiny. In this life changing series, David E. Taylor reveals how we can be sure we are hearing the Heart of God, through the Voice of God in our dreams! Often times when we are not quite “getting” a message that God is trying to reveal to us, He will speak to us through dreams. While we are sleeping, we are free from the distractions that tend to keep us from the realization and reality of God’s Voice at other times. This message will open your heart and ears to hear the Voice of God through His divine language of dreams! When we can hear God’s Voice, we will hear His Love expressed through: His Instructions, Corrections, Warnings, and Comfort, all through our dreams! Open your heart and your spiritual ears to HEAR the Voice of God through dreams, and start living the divine life God has planned for you! Will you hear God’s Voice and message to you?

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