CD – Inheritance by Lineage


Who are you? You will never know the answer to this question until you study to know your spiritual lineage! David E. Taylor was taken to Heaven by the Lord Jesus and was told the importance of knowing who we are. When we learn who our spiritual Father’s are we can come into things that have already been obtained from our Father’s and we won’t have to work for the things that they already received for us; however,in this generation we have lost honor for our fathers and mothers and brought curses upon our lives,which means that all that they have already done for us, we will have to “work” for it because of our disrespect and dishonor for them.
We must learn how to honor fathers and mothers because they are offices, and when we find this out, we will walk in POWER we’ve never walked in before. We don’t have to do a 40 day fast to obtain our inheritance! When you find your lineage, you find your destiny!

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