CD – The Legacy: How the Healing Ministry Came to David E. Taylor

You have a RICH INHERITANCE! As joint heirs with Christ, we have come into an inheritance like nothing this world could ever offer! God has put a rich inheritance in His saints that you can inherit as you learn to honor the legacies and lineages of men and women of God who have gone on before you. In this power packed teaching, you will hear the exciting journey that God took David E. Taylor on to bring him into the healing and miracle ministry and legacy that has brought salvation to millions around the world. You will hear dynamic insight into how he was brought into the healing lineage of Benny Hinn and Kathryn Kuhlman, and how you too can find riches in your spiritual lineage! No longer do you have to be poor, you can come into the riches of your inheritance today!  Allow this message to minister to your heart and cause you to pursue your spiritual DNA and lineage, bringing you into the divine destiny and purpose that is rightfully yours!

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